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TIP #28 - This tip was sent on the week: 13th - 19th Feb, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

About faster, more efficient translation - Part III


The two features that we will describe in this tip are new. They were included in Version 4.3, a few months ago.


If you translate a sentence interactively, you use the single arrow icon to move on to the next sentence. You will notice to the right of this icon another icon with the subtitle "Keep existing translation" and further to the right, a second icon subtitled "Don't translate Phrase" .


Here’s how to use these functions:


If you are translating a document which has both English and Spanish sentences and you want to translate only some of them and skip over the others, you can use the "Don't translate Phrase" icon .


Clicking on that icon will make the system skip the sentence and pass it on “as is” (untranslated) to the Target Box.

This type of situation could arise when translating written court depositions or interrogations, where an English-speaking official is questioning a Spanish-speaking witness. A transcript of such a deposition could look something like this:

  1. Officer: State you name, age and address.
  2. Interpreter: Diga su nombre, edad y dirección
  3. Witness: Me llamo Juan López, tengo 30 años y vivo en c. 48 ave. 65
  4. ….

In this case, you may want to translate only the lines belonging to the Witness and skip the rest. Without ESI’s time-saving function, it would be too cumbersome to have to extract all these lines, copy-paste them into ESI, translate them, and then copy-paste them back again into the correct spot in your document in the Target Box. It could actually be quicker to do the whole process manually. But by using ESI Interactive’s “skipping” feature, you can leave the sentences you want as they are, in their original language, in their original location. Here’s how:


Open the deposition (or any other type with mixed language sentences) file with ESI and then proceed to translate it interactively. When sentence #1 is displayed, just click the icon . This will bring sentence #2 into view and pass on sentence #1 to the Main Target Box below. Click on the icon again and sentence #3 will be in display now. You will notice that sentence #2 will already be inserted in its correct position in the document in the Target Box.


Now, you may proceed to edit sentence #3. Once you are satisfied with the translation, click on the icon, and this will insert your edited translation in its correct position in the Target Box. Sentence #4 will now come into display…. and so forth.


Next week we will talk about the other icon "Keep existing translation", which also renders a very useful service when editing a document.

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