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TIP #27 - This tip was sent on the week: 6th - 12th Feb, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

Understanding the Interactive System - Part III


Here is a simpler example of an ambiguous sentence:

The computer stores.

Just that! No more clues. How do you translate that?


Even an experienced human translator would need more information to understand the context and consequently the meaning of this simple sentence.


Therefore, he cannot translate it correctly to Spanish until he obtains more information.


If this was taken from a title, or in an aisle of a shopping center, or taken from a list of stores that will offer discounts for Christmas, then it would be translated as:

Las tiendas de computadora.

In that case the word “stores” was interpreted as a noun.


However, if the sentence was extracted from a larger text with other similar statements such as,

“The modem receives. The computer stores. The printer writes.”

then, from the context it could be deduced that “stores” in this case is a verb and that it would have be translated to Spanish thus:

La computadora almacena.

How can we do this with ESI Professional? Very simple: Use the single arrow to translate in Interactive Mode and then click on “stores”.


You will notice that the Part of Speech Box highlights Nou (noun) as its default selection.

However, notice also that the icon is available for selection. Click on it and you will see how ESI will immediately change the entire Spanish translation to accommodate this new part of speech forced by you upon the sentence. Now ESI will translate “stores” as a verb, thus:

As an experiment, let’s give ESI a little bit more of context information and instead of the plain sentence “The computer stores”, type in

The computer stores very well = La computadora almacena muy bien.


The computer stores data = La computadora almacena datos.

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