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TIP #24 - This tip was sent on the week: 16th - 22th Jan, 2005

Which Product Is Best For Me?


If you are confused about the numerous products and versions that we offer at our site, the link below will help you make a quicker and more informed decision.


Here is the bottom line: Our prices range from $25 to $999. So…How do you decide which product is best for you?


Since we have been asked this same question many times in the past, we decided to elaborate a Product Selection Guide to facilitate your decision.


This Selection Guide is based on your specific needs and on the use you want to give the product. For example- if you need translation software only occasionally to read and understand plain and simple texts, we are not going to recommend you to get our Suite Premier, not even our ESI Professional. We would recommend a more adequate product which – of course- will cost you less money.


We do not make it a practice to recommend our customers a more expensive product just for the sake of a good sale or --even worse – recur to hype advertisement and falsely attribute our systems virtues or qualities they do not have.


Thus, our tip for this week is to urge you to read our Product Selection Guide before buying a product. Click Here


Here is a second tip for this week: Obtain up to a 50% discount in any one of our products. The only thing you have to do is refer some of your friends… Click Here for more information.


NOTE: To view an index of all tips click here. To download the complete collection of tips click here.

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