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TIP #20 - This tip was sent on the week: 12th - 18th Dec, 2004

These tips apply to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional
  • ESI Standard
  • TDT Professional

How to Add A New Word to the Dictionaries

You can do this from the toolbar within TDT or ESI.

  1. Select your language direction: Spanish-English or vice versa

  2. Click on the icon.

  3. Type in your word

  4. Click on icon

Case A- Source Word does not exist in dictionary

If the word does not already exist in the dictionary you will see an empty display on the screen. Below you will also see several folders with all the available parts of speech, namely: Noun, Verb, Adjective, etc.

  5. Select one Part of Speech (single click)

  6. Type in your desired translation

  7. Click on

You will now see a few more options. If the new word is a noun you can (optionally) determine if it is a concrete, abstract or other kind of noun.

You can also determine if it is Feminine, Masculine, Genderless or Both Genders. (Example of Both Genders: carpintero, which could also take up the feminine gender, carpintera)


Finally, state if it Plural or Singular.

  8. Once you have selected all these attributes, press

  9. Type in more translations (optional)

10. Click on after you are done adding translations

11. Click on , if you are satisfied with the displayed entries

12. Click on , if you want to start over and discard your new entry

If you Save the new entry, the system will return to your previous window and you can look it up now in the Dictionary. Your new word will also be available in ESI for text translation. It will also be displayed in the Root and Related expression lists in TDT.


One of the most amazing features of Word Magic’s Add New Word functionality is that your new word will be integrally accommodated and interrelated with similar words previously existing in the database, and it will even be related to Spanish and English synonyms within the database.


We will be seeing this functionality next week when we cover Adding New Translations to Already Existing Words.

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