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TIP #19 - This tip was sent on the week: 5th - 11th Dec, 2004

These tips apply to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional
  • ESI Standard
  • TDT Professional

How to move your Word Magic programs to another computer or reestablish registration after a hard disk crash?


If you want to discard your old computer and move your registered Word Magic program(s) to the new one, or if your PC suffered a hard disk crash, or you had to reformat your hard drive for any other reason and you need your applications back, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Connect to the Internet
  2. Run your Word Magic program and go to the Toolbar. Select Tools/Inactivation
  3. You will see a Wizard box asking you for your initial Activation Code. This is the code which you received by email when you initially purchased the product. It should be somewhere in your mail inbox and you can look it up using:
  4. a. Sender: Word Magic Software

    b. Subject line: Activation Code & Installation Instructions

  5. When you find the email, copy your Activation Code by highlighting it and following the standard Windows Copy function (Ctrl-C).
  6. Now, go back to the Inactivation Wizard box and Paste the code into it.
    Important: In order to be able to Paste the code, do not use the standard Windows Paste function (Ctrl-V). Instead, click on the icon which is located to the right of the input box.
  7. When you click on the you will immediately see all the boxes filled with your code numbers, similar to this:

That’s it! Now click Next and finish your Inactivation session.

Note: If you cannot find your original Activation Code email just write us a message asking for a copy. We will send you the copy right away (within 24 hours on weekdays).


When you Inactivate your programs in the manner described above, your licenses become activated again in our central server and you can now install and register your program(s) again in your new computer.


You must use the same Activation Code as before. Now, since it will not be available in your new computer, simply email it to yourself from another computer or save it as a document or text file in a floppy disk.


It is a good practice to copy this Activation Code in a floppy disk from the very beginning, the moment you receive it from us. This way you can spare yourself email searching.


If what you want to do is install new versions of your program(s), bear in mind that you must first Uninstall all previous versions of Word Magic applications before you install the new ones.


Where to find the new ones? Free updates of your program(s) are available at our web site. Download is free.

NOTE: To view an index of all tips click here. To download the complete collection of tips click here.

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