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TIP #18 - This tip was sent on the week: 28th Nov - 4th Dec, 2004

These tips apply to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

About faster, more efficient translation - Part II

Last week we promised to finish the list of suggestions for a faster and more efficient process during Interactive translation. As a matter of fact we promised to deliver last week’s tip today, which we proceed to do right now:


We believe this is something that you surely did not know:

Let’s assume that you are editing a sentence using the Interactive Mode and that you have already made a few changes on parts of speech, word meanings and selections of alternate translations to better fit your in-house terminology style.


In case you still want to make a final change in the translated sentence, to add or to remove an article or a preposition, or alter the position of an adjective, swap two terms, or any other kind of manual editing, you have a final and unfailing resource: Click on the “Edit translated phrase” icon and you can make your final correction on the spot. Once you finish making the corrections, simple click on the single arrow and pass on to the next sentence.


You will notice that your manual corrections now appear on the main Target Editor Box, beneath the Interactive Window.

You may argue that doing this is similar to editing the final document once you have finished the whole translation. We believe that it is not the same. Using this capability during the Interactive process will save you time because you are already focused on that particular sentence and you know how you want it to be translated. If you do it at the end, you will have to re-read the sentence and remember the changes that you wanted to make.


On the other hand, doing it the way we suggest, using ESI Manual Editing option while in the Interactive mode, sentence by sentence, the process will result more comfortable, more expedient and faster and, what’s more important, you will get less tired.


Try it out and you will see how much it reduces your time and your mental effort, and increases your satisfaction with this unique translation tool that is ESI!

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