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TIP #10 - This tip was sent on the week: 3rd - 9th Oct, 2004

These tips apply to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional
  • ESI Standard

Configuration Center - Translation-1


As the week before, this week’s tip is all about Configuration Center settings that can help you within ESI, when translating either automatically or interactively.


Click on the top toolbar in ESI, on Tools / Options / Translation-1. There you will see some options you can set before translating your document to do part of your job for you.


For example, some of the options you will find are:


ADDRESSING: FORMAL vs INFORMAL = this works for Spanish wording. Click on the option you need in order to translate the way you address the second person in Spanish: if you click on the FORMAL mode, the “YOU” will always be translated as “USTED”, whereas if you click on the INFORMAL mode, it will be rendered as “TÚ”.


AUTHOR GENDER: MASCULINE vs FEMENINE = when translating documents written in the first person, this option is very helpful in telling ESI if you want that first person pronoun, be it singular or plural, translated as male or female: i.e. “WE” will be translated as “NOSOTROS” or “NOSOTRAS”, depending on what you select. It will also take care of adjective correspondence, so that the phrase “WE ARE BORED” will be translated either as “NOSOTROS ESTAMOS ABURRIDOS” or “NOSOTRAS ESTAMOS ABURRIDAS”, in accordance to the selected mode.


We hope this week’s tip helps you get to know all that ESI can do for you. Thank you for being part of our ever-growing Word Magic family.

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