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TIP #9 - This tip was sent on the week: 25th Sep - 2nd Oct, 2004

These tips apply to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional
  • ESI Standard

Literal Translation


This week’s tip concerns literal translation. This is when the sentence or document you are translating has words in it that are supposed to be left literal or untranslated.


If you go to the upper toolbar in ESI, under Tools / Options / Translation-2, you will find an option with a checkbox that says ‘Literal Proper Nouns’. By default, this option is set to ON. This means that all nouns with a capital letter within the sentence, except for the first word of the sentence, will be rendered literally. This is the way it works:


For example, if you have the sentence ‘This is a Ford’, and the Literal Proper Nouns box is checked (ON), the translation ESI will render will be ‘Éste es un Ford’; it will consider ‘Ford’ a proper noun and will translate it literally.


Whereas, if you should have the ‘Literal Proper Noun’ option set to OFF, ESI will understand that there are no proper nouns or nouns to be translated literally in the text or sentence, and the above sentence will be translated as ‘Éste es un Vado.’


There is also a quick way of making ESI translate a word in a text or sentence literally, and that is enclosing it between square brackets [ ] before you give ESI the go-ahead.


It is always important to give the text you are going to translate a once-over before you actually do, because many of the setting options in the configuration center we just described are designed to facilitate your automatic translation, i.e. the literal proper nouns option.


We hope this week’s tip has been helpful to you in getting to know your ESI. Thank you for preferring Word Magic Products. We remain committed to our promise of a never-ending search for quality for you.

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