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TIP #6 - This tip was sent on the week: 5th - 11th Sep, 2004.

These tips apply to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

Parts of Speech Box


This week’s tip concerns the Parts of Speech Box, found within the Syntax Control window in ESI.


The Parts of Speech Box acts as a starting point from which your initial translation begins. For example, type the word ‘state’ into ESI and translate it Interactively. As you can see in the Syntax Control, ESI automatically selects ‘state’ as a Noun, being that this is its most popular initial form. However, note by the highlighted boxes that the word ‘state’ can also be used as a Verb and Adjective. As a Noun, its most popular translation is ‘Commonwealth’, or ‘Estado’. Now, click on the ‘Verb’ icon within the Parts of Speech Box, and the user is now given the most popular meaning in Verb form, ‘Declare’, or ‘Indicar’.


Another feature of ESI’s Parts of Speech box is that if you, for example, decide to change a word from one part of speech to another, ESI will automatically reconfigure your sentence to accommodate it. An example of this function would be the sentence “That is the wrong answer.” When you translate interactively, the initial translation you receive is “Esa es la mala contestación.” As you can see, ESI recognizes ‘wrong answer’ as a noun cluster translated as ‘mala contestación’; however, by placing the cursor on it and clicking on the Adjective box to change it, you receive the translation “Esa es la respuesta equivocada.” Neither translation is incorrect, simply different or better sounding. And this is just one of several features offered within ESI to allow the user complete control over the translation process.


Please also take note of the Parts of Speech not highlighted within the box. These are options which are not available for your given word, but are so for other words being reviewed. If you were to look at a word like “top” you would see that this word can be used as a noun, a verb and an adjective. Notice that all afforded options have been highlighted while those not available have been automatically deselected.


This concludes this week’s tip. Thank you for your continued interest in Word Magic Software’s products and services. We hope this tip has been both informative and educational.

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