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TIP #4 - This tip was sent on the week: 22th-28th Aug, 2004

These tips apply to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

Translation Memory - Part I


When translating from English to Spanish you can select and mark any word in Spanish as the first-choice translation of a particular meaning. You can also select any English word when translating from Spanish to English as well. These first-choice translations- by the way- do not necessarily have to translate back to the original word; both directions are independent in this case. ESI’s Translation Memory system is designed to operate in both languages.


Take for example, the word ‘car’. The first translation meaning for this word is ‘coche’. The second meaning is ‘passenger carriage’ and the first translation under that tab is ‘vagón’. Those are ESI’s default settings for the first meaning of ‘car’ and for the first translations of the two meanings it has.


You may decide, however, that you don’t want ‘car’ to access ‘coche’ as its first translation and prefer the term ‘automóvil’. In this case, you are allowed the option of changing this translation within the Syntax Control Window, the window which appears when translating in the Interactive Mode. Simply right-click on your preferred first translation, click the ‘Set as first translation’ button and save your changes.


Note that while you have just changed the first translation for the word ‘car’, you have not changed the first translation for the word ‘coche’. While ‘car’ now translates to ‘automóvil’, ‘coche’ still translates to ‘car’. With both directions (English to Spanish, Spanish to English) independent of one another, the user is able to make all the changes they like to one language, without having to worry about doing harm to the other language in the process.


This concludes this week’s tip from Word Magic Software. We hope this tip has been both informative and interesting. We are always looking for feedback from our loyal customers. Please feel free to send us your opinions and/or ideas concerning both our tip of the week and our software products.

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