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TIP #2 - This tip was sent on the week: 8th - 14th Aug, 2004

These tips apply to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional
  • ESI Standard
  • ESI Home Edition

Setting Options


Setting the Direction of Translation

Before starting translation, you have to define which direction of translation you are going to work on. In our case, let's set English to Spanish. The Translation Direction Icon has to show the US flag colors at the left and the Spanish colors at the right. A single click on this icon will set the reverse direction: Spanish to English.


Setting the Caption and Interface Language

Next, we should verify that the captions are shown in English. The US colors should appear in the display. A single click on this icon will change the display to and will cause all captions and all interface texts, messages and help files to be displayed in Spanish.


Open and Save Commands

The Open command is no different from that of any other typical word processor. However, when you Save a file from ESI, you should remember that the saved translated file will have the same Filename as your original source file with the added extension .tra.doc


For instance, if your original English document is called SAMPLE.DOC, then the Spanish document will be saved as SAMPLE.TRA.DOC


If you Open SAMPLE.DOC using Microsoft Word , it will load the English source document only.


If you Open SAMPLE.TRA.DOC using Microsoft Word, it will load the Spanish translated document only.


If you Open SAMPLE.DOC using ESI, it will load the English and the Spanish documents together, displaying one in the top box and the other in the lower box.


Where are my documents?
The translated document, SAMPLE.TRA.DOC is Saved by default under My Documents \ ESI Translated Documents. You can select a different Folder from the menu Tools | Options.


Notice also that when you Open SAMPLE.DOC, modify it and save the changes, ESI will automatically create a backup document called SAMPLE.ORI.DOC, in your original Source folder.


Selecting Individual Sentences

After you Open the SAMPLE.DOC from ESI, you will be able to navigate through the Source or the Target document selecting one sentence at a time. To do this, place the cursor on top of a Source sentence and click on the icon. Notice that the corresponding Target sentence (translation) at the bottom will be automatically selected. Now you can move either forward or backwards with your selection, simply by clicking the or the icons.


Tip: You can select the Target (bottom) sentence too, and the Source (top) sentence will be automatically selected.


Starting Options

You can set the Translation Direction and the Interface Language of your choice as a Default Start Option. Go to the menu Tools | Options and select General.


After you select your options, click OK, and that’s it! Next time you run your program it will open with your selected defaults.

NOTE: To view an index of all tips click here. To download the complete collection of tips click here.

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