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TIP #1 - This tip was sent on the week: 1st - 7th Aug, 2004

These tips apply to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

How to access the Interactive Mode in ESI Professional?


In order to choose the Interactive Mode, select any sentence in your Source Editor Box (upper window) and then click on the single-arrow icon in ESI’s Toolbar.


You can also place the cursor at the beginning of the source document if you want to start the Interactive translation from there, then progress one sentence at a time clicking the single-arrow icon each time.


After you click the Single-Arrow Icon, you will enter the Interactive Window. This is a Virtual Window and nothing you do inside this window will affect the final translation until you click on the button or move on to the next sentence . While in the Interactive Mode, you can make all types of changes and experiment with the syntax of the phrase in question. In any case, you always maintain the right to restore ESI’s initial translation by simply clicking the restore button .


Finally, after you translate the selected sentence and are satisfied with the result, click the single-arrow again and proceed to the next sentence (this works as much for the single-arrow icon in the main source/target editor window as for the one in the interactive window). This action will simultaneously pass your edited sentence on to the Main Target Box (lower window), and automatically load the next sentence from your Source document for interactive translation.


If you want to stop the Interactive translation process, simply click on and the system will take you back to the main Source and Target windows. Of course, you may do the final editing in these windows too.

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