Ways To Stand Out And Develop A Unique Writing Style

Something that defines a writer is the way of how he or she convey their feelings and thoughts on the paper. Every single writer possesses some kind of writing style that characterizes him. 

 There are many different types of writing in general, and, each one of them can be equally interesting to read. It just depends on what the reader’s interests and expectations are from the article, book, or even newspapers he is about to read. And also, there is an essay writing company, that provides high-quality writing help, but it is better to create something in your own way.

A start can often be the hardest but by the time you will feel more and more confident. All in all, let’s pass through some ways of what do you actually need to stand out as a writer and develop a unique writing style.

The Experience

First and probably foremost, what will you need to establish yourself as a writer and try to stand out is the experience. We all gain some new experiences on a daily basis; positive or negative ones. But if you learn how to control your emotions that can sometimes completely destabilize your thoughts, you will cope with it in a much painless way. Everyone has to understand and consider it as a part of gaining the appropriate experience

So, be patient and don’t take things for granted easily. 

There are many different types of experiences like religious, emotional, intellectual, and so on. But we will get focused on the ones that writers can possibly encounter with. 

Usually, we gain experience through a theory or practice. Those are the only ways to get yourself to a desirable level. In the writer’s case, it is often a practice that is responsible for becoming better and better. The more you write, the more experience you gain. It is as simple as that. As a famous writer, Stephen King said, “if you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

Don’t get in a bad mood because of your possible mistakes. Remember, even the best ones make mistakes and they have started from somewhere. Aren’t they? That’s why the experience is perhaps the most important in getting your writing style.

Example of the experience quote

Summarizing emotions and thoughts are of crucial importance

If you are eager to stand out and make your own unique writing style, summarizing your emotions can have a much more important role than you might be expected. As we know, all the people read are some other person’s thoughts and feelings, right? But did you ever questioned yourself; “How he managed to write such a good article?”

Well, the answer lies in the writer’s head. You have to summarize all your thoughts and consolidate them. This will help you in trying to focus on a particular theme you should write about. Always get your head clear. That’s the biggest suggestion I can make for you. And believe, it pays off!

Consolidate your emotions

Using the metaphors 

Metaphors are something that all writers often use. It is a great way of describing things through different meanings and shapes. If you are struggling to get inspiration for metaphor, try it by imagining the simplest objects that are around you. 

For example, you can express someone’s solidity, and often mental one, by mentioning a stone or a rock. The only thing you have to do is – think. There are no boundaries in people’s imagination. Feel free and confident to discover the world of words; it can be more fun than you can ever imagine!

Are you feeling more creative so far?

Some examples of using a metaphor

Be detail-oriented

Details are probably one of the most common things that successful writers get focused on. A writer will always strive to emphasize all the important details in the text so you can have the best possible look at their work. Sometimes they are not playing a big role but, often it can be the opposite. These are usually small things that don’t need a certain amount of attention but have magnificent importance for the text. 

So, try to involve as many intimate details in your texts as possible. It will give a totally different perspective into the reader’s eyes and he will able to easier understand your style.

Expand your sentence with details

Create a strong & authentic voice

One of the best examples of what a strong narrative voice means for an artwork you can find in “All the things that could go wrong” by Stewart Foster. It clearly shows what the authentic voice can bring to the book, novel, or story and what is the impact of it. If you manage in getting it, your chances will be up to 90% higher in trying to get your unique style of writing. Because without it, your success will only depend on your words and you will lose the connection with the readers that voice can bring to the book.

You probably wonder why, right?

As soon as you start reading the first paragraphs of the book, you will not be able to resist the author’s voice from your head. You will get somehow submerged by it. And that’s why the authentic voice is “a must” if your desire is to stand out.

“All the things that could go wrong”-by Stewart Foster

Get a proper and proved mentor as a role model

Whatever you do in your life, getting an appropriate mentor or someone who you can look up to isn’t easy. Especially if you want to become a successful writer. Of course, by default people will start looking for it from the best and the most popular ones. Truth be told, that is not always a good decision. 

Instead of searching for a role model in the names of Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, you should focus on some writer that is suitable for your knowledge, education, and way of thinking. Try to find someone similar to you. That way, you will be much easier to understand his ideas and what his intention was by writing some specific terms and phrases.

In addition, it will become your true inspiration to move on and a great example of who you can rely your work on.

Some of the guides you can get from your mentor

Author Bio

Laura C. Fields had always loved the English language and everything that goes with it. She never finds it difficult to understand it and, above all, it has never been a burden to her; it was a pleasure. That’s why she decided to stay on her Master’s degree studies and finish it until the end. She fell in love with academic writing at first sight. The comfortability it provides made her love it even more and dedicate her life to it.

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