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Do you love writing? Well, if you stumbled across this article and decided to take a peek at it, you probably do. Since you are browsing the web, you most certainly know how many resources are there in it. We know about many services and products available, ranging from essay writing service reviews to science articles and fitness journals. But how to select the best sources that reveal exactly what you wish to understand? Well, you can count on people like us who do research and then compile it all together to present you with an outstanding article that covers all you need to know. And today we are here to talk about how writing can transform your life. Let’s go forwards towards new lands!


While you write, you will start to better understand yourself. The process of writing itself is an intimate one. There are only the computer (or pen and paper, if you prefer) and you. Nothing is there to entertain your bored mind – it’s you who should do it. There is nothing but the blank page that sits there and waits to be filled.

Good writing doesn’t stem only from accuracy and elegancy, neither only from clarity and good comprehension. No, good writing comes from putting on paper the things that you feel real. Go the extra mile and pull your deepest thoughts out. See what is hiding in your subconscious mind. See what stories you want to tell and who you want to tell them to.

Yes, your conscious mind may scream to you to stop, it may tell you people are going to hate what you are writing. Believe us, they won’t. If you manage to find the deepest nuances of the story you are writing, then you will present the readers with something beautiful. Something that is mind-boggling and interesting.

And during this process, you are going to look into your soul and mind. You are going to find out new things about yourself. You may not like them all. Some of them may scare you. You may find underlying motives, fears, insecurities. And that is okay. Knowing your weak sides will allow you to work on them. Just don’t try to stop the words from flowing. Even if they don’t see the brightness of the world outside of the page, that is fine, they will have helped at least you. Once you finish putting those words on the paper, then you will feel like you have gotten to know yourself better. And that will be true.

Clearer Thinking

When you start writing, you will need to know why are you saying this particular thing, why are you planning this particular scene, how do you plan on revealing the story. This process allows for a better understanding of the mechanisms behind thoughts and motives. It will allow you to more fully comprehend your thoughts. You will also learn to express yourself better. Once you reach a more developed level of expressing yourself, you will find out that you are even thinking more clearly.

Also, by learning how to express your position, you will find yourself in a better place when you need to express something to another person.

What greatly matters in the world is the capability to communicate in a comprehendible manner. This is a big skill that needs to be refined should you wish to use it.

Writing improves the way you think, the way you see the patterns in everything. It shall allow you to delve deeper into topics that are hard to touch and you will be able to do so in a respectable and tactful manner.

The process of putting those words on paper and connecting thoughts and ideas helps one understand better. This eventually allow them to have clearer thoughts. Of course, strictly speaking of writing, clarity of thoughts need to be further developed into clarity of words during the editing process. But even if you don’t reach that stage, you are still a winner.

 Boost Your Brain

Lots of evidence suggests that your mind will be sharper if you exercise it by writing. During this process, you are building up to memory and vocabulary. You are also gaining the ability to comprehend better not only the words themselves but also the ideas behind them. This aids good cognitive capabilities. Also, it presents you with a wonderful way to exercise your thinking, comprehension, and other skills associated with language.

Emotional Intelligence

If you write frequently and, moreover, if you keep a journal, you will get to know yourself better (of course, this is true for any type of writing). And when you know yourself better, you will find out more about your emotions. Once you get to know them, then you will find new and more creative ways to manage them and blow off the steam. You will see that now you have a better ability to stay calm and focused. You will understand better other people’s actions. As some say, you shall find yourself in other people’s shoes. That gives you a new way to see the world.

So, by engaging in the process of writing you are developing yourself not only as a writer but as a human as well. This will allow you to gain a deeper emotional intelligence and stability.

This goes even to the point where you may find negative thoughts, emotions, and unprocessed problems relieved by the process of writing. You will see that it can be even used as a tool to aid a self-developing and healing journey.


Writing gives us thousands of things. It is not only a tool we use to entertain but a tool that, in capable hands, can change the world. It doesn’t matter if your writing will become a bestseller. What matters is that it will change your life, transform the way you look at various aspects of the world. This is a journey. Once you fall in love with it, you will carry it for a lifetime.

It gives us numerous benefits. Through writing, we gain more knowledge of ourselves and of the world. From then on, we can start exploring both the outside of the world and the inside of the human soul.

Laura Fields is a passionate word-magician, aka. a writer. She well knows the power of words and their immense capacity to transform our lives. So, she strives to bring this magic into everyone’s life.

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