Top 7 Software You Can Use For Learning New Language

Learning a new language is synonymous with getting an insight into a whole new culture and a world. You get access to foreign literature, interact with different people around the globe, and enhance your knowledge about the diversity of life on earth. Unlike olden times, you do not have to have to hire a physical language tutor to master any new language. Instead, you can learn it on your own by using this seven amazing language learning software and get started right away:

Rosetta Stone:

Rosetta stone tops the list of language learning software for all the right reasons. It takes you into a simulated environment, and a dynamic immersion method is used to make that learning happen. Many carefully designed interactive activities coupled with contextual lessons are used to catalyze the learning process. Using this app, you can learn Arabic, Hebrew, German, Russian, French, and Hindi. You will sound like a native once you are done learning from Rosetta Stone. The perfection in your pronunciation is guaranteed through its speech recognition features.


If you are from the folks who believe that you should speak it if you want to learn a new language, hellotalk is specifically designed for you then. The software has free chat features which connect you to native speakers of the language you want to learn, and you can learn 150 different languages using this. You can text, call, send voice messages or recordings to make the learning easier. You can have individual and group discussions as well. Hellotalk offers you a fun way to enhance your language learning skills.


Who does not like the game? No matter what age group we belong to, we cannot stop playing, and this is what Duolingo does. You can learn a new language entertainingly and engagingly. You will earn points with every correct answer and will level up accordingly. Your motivation will boost every time you will see yourself winning. You can learn Swedish, Japanese, German, and Mandarin Chinese through Duolingo. The instant grading and tailored activities give you a personalized learning experience.


Babbel is another famous app when it comes to language learning. It uses activities that experts design and voice lessons from native speakers to make the language learning process smoother and more accessible. The process has interactive activities and voice recognition to help you learn the correct pronunciation. European languages like Spanish and German can be best learned through these apps.

Transparent Language Online:

A transparent language is an ideal tool if you are genuinely dedicated to learning a new language thoroughly. It offers you to learn around 100 languages. A whole series of helpful activities and lessons polish your ability to learn the language. You can do it all on this one platform only from alphabet lessons to increase your vocabulary. This app might need more time, but the results will be worth it!


If you are busy and do not have more than 10 minutes to learn a language, this app is undoubtedly for you. Bussu has thousands of lessons from experts that facilitate the learning process and machine learning technology, i.e., voice recognition and personal study plans. Other than Polish, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and German, you can choose from a long list of languages that you want to learn.


If you are not much of a textbook learner, try memrise. This game-based learning app makes you learn all the basics of a new language entertainingly. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and many other languages can be known using this. Without burdening your brain, you can learn a whole new language.

In a nutshell! As much daunting as it sounds, language learning has never been this more manageable; you can download any of this software on your phone, laptop or desktop and can get the learning process started already. Happy learning, folks!

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