Top 5 Tips to Score a Dream Job Right After College

Are you coming to the end of your last semester? Congratulations this far! Life has peaks and lows, though. Nothing brings this to perspective than looming student loans just when celebrating your college achievements. You need a job. 

Masses of students graduate from college every year, adding to the race for the best opportunities in the market. These tips will get you to the top of the pack and help you land your dream job right after college. 

Register your Profile on Job Sites

Many recruiters use job sites to find the right person they are after. There are numerous sites geared to new grads and entry-level positions. Register your profile and get searching. 

You may imagine that large job sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Monster, among others, look for people with experience and in the workforce. However, these sites have a way of filtering and identifying lower-level positions. Use search words to see jobs that suit you. 

Indulge and Stand Out

If you have spare time, try out something interesting worth mentioning on your resume. You can do it as a treat to yourself for enduring the long school and college years. 

Your CV is like many other applicants if all you have is a degree and internship experience. Volunteer in a building project for a worthy cause, join bikers on a ride across the country, go for a mountain climb expedition or start a unique blog.  

These bold undertakings work best if you can tie the experience to your skills. This will make you a better candidate and more valuable, helping you score your dream job right after college. 

Tweak Your Social Media Accounts

Potential employers scan the internet to browse applicants’ social media pages. Your profiles reveal so much about you and reach places you will never go. Hiring managers find social media extremely helpful in getting to know you better.

If someone tagged you in mischievous frat photos on Facebook, it is time to untag yourself. Check your previous posts and communications. You may need to delete some immature comments, lash outs, or inappropriate updates from your timeline. That funny picture can deny you your dream job. 

Use appropriate cover photos for LinkedIn, as well as for your other social profiles, and steer clear from revealing pictures, politics, complaints, and profanities. 

Network and Network More

If you have a few days left in your semester, use them to cast your net wide and network more. Your knowledge is not enough when looking for your dream job. Who you know counts. 

Get out there and sell yourself. Attend formal parties and strike a relevant conversation with the attendees. Do not shy away from mentioning that you are a jobseeker in case they know of some opportunities.  

Join online forums and relevant social media groups in this era of thriving technology. Answer questions in your specialty and offer necessary guidance whenever you get an opportunity. Register and actively participate in networking groups in your community. 

Look for Internships or Volunteering Opportunities

Working as you wait has immense benefits. While you will not get the perks to match your work, internships and volunteering allow you to showcase your abilities and gain hands-on experience. 

Research suggests that applicants with internship experience increase their chances of getting a job interview by 14.3 percent. Students that take up internship opportunities while waiting for graduation often get the jobs. 


Polish your CV, resume, and cover letter and capture the most crucial information at the beginning. Keep your CV short and relevant. 

Aim for your dream job with the above tips to increase your chances of starting at the top. You can earn as you enjoy what you do.

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