Tips To Write an Ideal Essay in English

English is a well-spoken language, and many refer to it as a simple language to understand. However, you’ll find that the experience can be a little overwhelming if you’re learning English as your second language. Some people think that it’s enough to be able to speak and read English, but this isn’t true. It’s equally as important that you learn to write the language. This is where essay writing comes in. 

Writing the English language allows you to be more confident and expressive in today’s world. It also has the added benefits of helping you improve your academic records or boosting your career prospects. Essay writing is a perfect way to get better at writing English. So, if you’re looking to jump on this, here are some tips for writing an ideal essay in English. 

  1. Make a list of vocabulary.

Your vocabulary is a crucial part of your essay writing, so you must make an effort to increase your vocabulary. This will ensure that you have the right words to use in your essays to improve your writing. So, when you come across new words, endeavor to write them down in a vocabulary note. This will help you remember the words and their meaning and have something to refer to during your essay writing if the need arises.

It might help if you set a target of about ten new daily words that you’ll find and write in your dedicated vocabulary notebook. This is the first step to writing better. 

  1. Use credible sources

When writing any form of essay, research is very important as it informs the quality of your work. If your research is strong, then your essay will be even better. However, you must be careful not to get caught in the wave of information and misinformation. The internet is full of both correct and incorrect information. So, you must carefully evaluate your source and ensure that you’re getting your information from a credible and reliable source. 

Take a cue from writers at a paper writing service that spends hours researching a topic when they have to write essays for their student clients. It may require reading through several scholarly papers, published journals, encyclopedias, academic databases, research studies, etc., to get the right information from the right sources. 

  1. Create an outline

After your research, the next step is to start writing the essay. However, your extensive research doesn’t make the essay easier to write. If anything, it makes it even more difficult because you have a lot of information, and you may not be able to determine where to start. To ensure you don’t get into this quagmire, the best thing to do is draft an essay outline first. 

Drafting an outline ensures that your essay is more organized. It becomes a skeletal framework for your essay that you only need to cover with the flesh of words. This ensures that your points flow more logically and you don’t forget or miss out on any point. 

  1. Use a hook in the beginning.

People now have a very short attention span, so if you want them to read any long-form content, you must be able to hook them from the start. Starting your essay with a bang makes the readers more invested in it as they want to see its end. This makes the introductory paragraph very important in your essay. 

Essay hooks may not be more than two sentences, but they can hold the readers in a chokehold. It’s a break or makes a component of your essay. Without the right hook, people will not read the essay or lose interest very easily. Your hook may be a true but alarming statistic, a rhetoric question, humor or a relevant quote. If you’re not sure of the hook to use from the start of the essay, finish up the essay and come back to it afterward. 

  1. Pay attention to your grammar.

No matter how interesting your essay is or if you can come up with the best points, it’ll disrupt the readers’ experience if your grammar is poor. Hence, ensure to pay attention to your grammar and avoid any errors. 

Check your sentence formations, punctuations, passive voice, etc. and ensure that there are no mistakes. Also, understanding the differences between nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives will help you use them more appropriately. This makes your essay more cohesive and well-written. 


Essay writing is crucial to learning to write English as a second language. However, it can get overwhelming quickly. The tips in this article will ensure you successfully write an ideal essay. 

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