The Spanish Language Influencing Your Way of Operating New Business

‘La Casa De Papel’, The House of Paper or what many of us know it as Money Heist was the first time I was introduced to the Spanish Language on the TV screen. Spanish is one of the most popular Romance Languages, and globally it has over 500 million native speakers, including the Americas and Spain.

Spanish is the second most spoken native language.

And after English, Mandarin Chinese, and Hindi, it is the world’s fourth most spoken language.

According to a recent study by Language Courses UK, more than 21 million students study Spanish as a foreign language, and it is the second most studied language in the world. More than 22 countries in the world have Spanish as their official language along with the United States where there are more than 45 million Spanish speakers.

In accordance with its growing popularity, America is forecasted to become the largest Spanish speaking country in the world by 2050.

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some ways the Spanish language can influence your business operations.

·      Communication & Management

According to a study by New York Post, New Mexico, which is a US state in the Southwestern region, is the home to the highest population of Spanish-speakers. This is closely followed by California and Texas, where 38% of people speak Spanish along with Arizona, Nevada, and Florida, where people commonly speak Spanish.

As a business owner who is operating in these regions, there is no doubt that knowing Spanish can help you to manage people and effectively communicate with them. Plus speaking in another language other than English gives you a sense of community and exclusivity that can be used to influence people and make them feel closer to your organization.   

·      Dealings with the Hispanic Market

Hispanics are the largest ethnic group in the US by far, and according to the most recent reports by the US Census Bureau, they comprise more than 18% of the entire US population. Furthermore, the purchasing power of the Hispanic population is a force to be reckoned with.

So if you are business that is looking for expanding its customer base and add more loyal clients to your brand, then the Hispanic community can help you achieve that goal. Generally, Hispanic are quite loving and family-oriented, plus they like to hang out with friends.

These can be great values to target for those brands who recognize this potential in order to chance to be well received by the Latino audiences.     

·      Edge over Competitors

Running a business at times can become a cut-throat race to overcome competition and get the maximum amount of market share. The Hispanic population is vibrant on social media, and by gaining their attention, you can undoubtedly gain an edge over the competition.

Both Facebook and Instagram are found to be favored by the community and have strong followership for your business on these popular networking sites can help you deliver a dominant online presence. Plus the Hispanic community brings in billions of dollars, contributing to the US economy through their shopping habits.    

·      Facilitate Customers

Language is a major barrier to entry into new markets, and a lot of businesses may find it hard to grow their influence in new locations and avenues. Through Spanish, however, you can connect with the entirety of the Hispanic community in the US.

Thus you will be able to not only communicate with a huge portion of the customer base in the US, but you would also be able to facilitate your customers.

This can include such as helping them find good bargains and developing a long-lasting relationship with them.

Even for small brands and businesses, this is a great opportunity to increase their earnings and revenues by specifically targeting ethnic audiences. Growing Online Community

As I mentioned earlier, the Hispanics are fond of using social media. According to a study by Pew Research Center, 84% of all Latino adults use the internet, with 95% of young people from ages 18-29 years old.

Internet use by Hispanics is over 90% for people younger than 50 years; however, only 42% of people older than 65 years of age use the internet.

This is, however, not a sign to worry about since usage of internet services by Hispanics is projected to grow even further in the coming years.

For any business, this is an opportunity to reach out to a community that can help boost your revenues and provide you with terrific ROI (return on investment) in the near future. 

·      International Dealings

If you are a business who seeks to expand their operations across borders, then this can help you tap into Spanish markets around the world. Over 20 countries in the world are dominantly known for speaking Spanish.

These include the likes of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, and obviously Spain, to name a few. A lot of international Spanish students also seek out personal statement help UK to apply for entry in leading universities and educational institutions.

·      Latin American Countries

According to the definition proposed by Britannica encyclopedia, Latin America is generally considered to be comprised of the whole of South America. This includes a wide variety of countries including Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, and so many more.

With the ability to do business using the Spanish language as your mode of communication, your business will find it easy to introduce itself to Latin American audiences. Crowd Writer also offers assistant to Latin American students through experts proficient in Spanish.       

·      Mass Media Usage

Spanish is an unstoppable force in the media. The world knows about various celebrities both from Hispanic backgrounds and from Spain. This list of well-known celebrities includes Jenifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Shakira, Benjamin Bratt, John Leguizamo, Penelope Cruz, and Salma Hayek, to name a few.

In the US alone there are over 1,075 Spanish radio stations, roughly 700 newspapers, five major TV networks, and over 30 specialty TV channels. For a business that is a lot of room to play and broadcast your brand image.   

·      Requested for Many US Professions

According to LinkedIn, there are over 135,000+ Spanish jobs in the US, ranging from voice data collection to school teachers. You name it, and there is a job for people in the nation that know how to speak and write in Spanish fluently. For businesses, this is taken as a plus point to promote cultural diversity.


The corporate world operates in an ecosystem that has become a global village where you meet and interact with people and lots of diversity. Knowing how to speak and write fluent Spanish can give you the edge you need to operate as an international business as well as unlocking lots of business opportunities. Spanish is a global language, and those who learn to speak Spanish do rank higher in the list of global corporate skills.

While it isn’t mandatory to learn Spanish, it very well might play a critical role in your business dealings with a wide variety of audiences, business partners, suppliers, stakeholders, and vendors. Plus you get to watch Money Heist without the need for subtitles and English dubbing, which is a big win in my case anyway! Hola, iQue todos tus deseos se hagan realidad!     

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