The Many Benefits of Learning New Languages

What can you say about the English language? It’s full of colorful anecdotes, quotes and is spoken all over the world. But as useful as English is, learning new languages is equally important. Alongside communicating with people from other cultures, there are other benefits as well. Below are some of the best reasons to learn a foreign language.

Improves Cognitive Abilities

You’re never too old to learn a foreign language. In fact, learning new languages can actually improve cognitive abilities in both the elderly and younger people as well. In the elderly, learning a foreign language can ward off cognitive decline. Because learning is a form of exercise for your brain, it can reverse cognitive decline. You could even combine your quest for a new hobby with a side hustle and work as a freelance translator so that both your mind, and bank account, benefit from your multilingual lifestyle. In fact, continued learning can increase the size of certain areas of your brain. Another interesting point is people who are bilingual are better problem solvers, usually have an easier time learning new things and can quickly shift between tasks without making mistakes.

Career Growth

Earning a degree is just one way to further your career. Being bilingual can also help you find your dream job, even if you’re getting ready to go off to college. College students can either learn on their own, or they can study abroad for a full-immersion experience. There are several universities overseas that are accredited and accept FASFA. If necessary, you can also apply for Earnest parent student loans. Once approved, your child can use the money to study abroad to learn the language of choice. Keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for paying on the loan, make sure you qualify before applying.

Opens Your Mind

Immersing yourself in another language will open your mind as well. Even if you’re learning it on your own from home, you still reap the rewards. Even online, you can learn about different cultures. You start to understand the values of different cultures and how it influences their lives. As a result, any preconceived notions you may have had disappear.

Better Understanding of Your Own Culture

You’d think that learning a new language only helps you appreciate other cultures, right? Interestingly, learning foreign languages gives you better insight into your own culture. In conjunction to helping you understand the customs in your cultures, it can also give you a better grasp on proper grammatical structure, learn new vocabulary and also understand why we pronounce words in certain ways. You may also find yourself picking up on mistakes in your own writing, some of which you never noticed before.

Transforms How You Travel

Seeing the world is something everyone should do. And while seeing the word only speaking English is great, it’s even better when you can interact with the locals. For example, if you go on vacation to Spain, imagine being able to talk to shop owners, wait staff and even other locals? Speaking language not only builds a bond, but also shows respect to the people you’re interacting with.

Confidence Booster

Learning another language can also boost your confidence levels. Mastering a foreign language isn’t easy, and the older you get, the harder it can be. So, once you stop making the same grammatical errors or mistakes with pronunciation, you’ll feel more accomplished. All of your hard work will be worth it, and you can then progress to the next level of learning. Moreover, once you speak well enough, you might even become more social. Oftentimes, we avoid interacting simply out of fear of not fitting in. But when you feel more comfortable in your own skin, you’re more likely to engage with others.

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