Taking the Stress Out of the College Application Process

The high school years can be very stressful for many students, and it gets worse during the senior year when it’s time to apply to colleges. Trying to decide which one to attend, what to major in, and so forth can feel overwhelming to kids. The pressure of trying to decide what to do with the rest of one’s life can often lead to many sleepless nights and long days, but there are ways a student can take the stress out of the college application process.

What to Do at First

The first step in applying to colleges is to start early and not to wait until the last minute. Starting far enough ahead of time can relieve lots of stress because it eliminates the need to rush through things. One of the professional write my paper services recommends that by doing some early planning, students can take their time with each application and give some real thought and effort to each one. Since people don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, doing the application right the first time around is crucial to being accepted.

Applying to Colleges

Taking time to sit down and gather their thoughts is another way students can be stress-free when applying to colleges. Making a list that prioritizes the most important factors in applying to colleges can help narrow down which ones a student wants to attend. Some factors a student needs to consider when applying to schools include if they want to attend school locally or in another area or state, the size of the school and its student body, and what subject they wish to declare for their major.

Talking to others who are going through the same process can help relieve lots of stress during this process. Hanging out with friends and talking about how their application process is going can sometimes lend new insight into one’s process, helping a student reach a decision more easily. Talking with parents, teachers, guidance counselors, ministers and others who are well-respected by the student can also help. Parents can usually remember when they were in a similar situation and can help relieve some stress by joking about how they and their friends handled their situation. Sometimes the best remedy for a situation is laughter, so knowing one’s parents were in a tough spot when they were young can sometimes take some pressure off, students. Parents should never be the ones placing pressure ON their children!

Neal Taparia, co-creator of Solitaire Brain emphasizes the importance of parents and friends who do not impose pressure. “Before jumping to a conclusion make sure you have the real-time info about college and the application process”. 


Getting answers to any nagging questions can also help eliminate stress. Contacting the registrar’s office of a school that’s on the shortlist of choices can help relieve stress since lots of times people wind up worrying about something that did not need to be worried about in the first place. Finally, staying organized is often the key to eliminating stress in almost any situation. Keeping all application paperwork together in a folder or notebook can help, as can writing down important dates such as application deadlines or when a student can expect to hear the school’s decision on their application. By taking these few simple steps, students can indeed take the stress out of the college application process.

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