Study Tips to Help You Learn Smarter this Semester

Sometimes studying leads to academic stress that is hard to handle. But most of the time it is so because students do not invest in study techniques that would make their life easier. Since you are reading this article, you are not one of them. Good. Let us look at the study tips now.

Write notes

It might sound obvious, but writing (rather than typing into your laptop) notes is a good way to retain information. Especially so when you are doing your homework. You do not need to become a professional essay writer, but taking notes on a paper while you are reading will help you understand the lesson better. Writing words takes more time, which allows you to sit on the material and additionally interact with it.

Study in portions

This must be the most neglected among the study tips. Students tend to postpone resolving their academic tasks and accumulate a lot of workloads that have to be done in a short period. And while it is possible to fit an extreme amount of information in your head in one night, it is best to avoid it. Studying in portions would allow you to understand your subjects better. Because you spread out the process of understanding across a considerable period of time.

Parkinson’s law

This law states that your work will last only the time you designate for it. For instance, if an essay writer has to write a paper for an indefinite amount of time, he might spend a whole day on it. But if he decides to devote only two hours to this work, the essay will be done in two hours. Sounds crazy, but this is how it works. If you set a boundary to your task, your subconscious will strive to fit the completion of your work within these boundaries. Even if you end up spilling over a designated deadline, you will spend less time on it than if you would work indefinitely long.

Pomodoro technique

This popular technique helps you fight procrastination and focus on your work. The basic points of the Pomodoro technique are as follows:

  • Set a timeframe of 25 minutes and focus on a portion of your task exclusively.
  • Take a quick break.
  • Repeat 4 times and take a longer break.

This method will help you divide a complex task into shorter ones, which will make it less intimidating.

Distraction log

When you set a timeframe for your studies, you will inevitably have to deal with various distractions that would call for your attention. The problem is that some of them will most likely be urgent. To deal with distractions during your focused work, find a piece of paper and write down every urgent need that arises during your 25-minute working period. You can address them later.

Einstein’s approach

By the popular misconception, Einstein was not a very talented student. In reality, his academic problems were because of the old educational system that made you memorize by repetition. The future professor had a different understanding of the matter. He thought that the principal task of education is to make students understand the subject. Rather than memorize bare facts. Einstein was fascinated by science and this led him to a big academic success. 

Explain your lessons to someone

Or something, even. When you put yourself in a role of a person who has to teach, you will see the main points of your subject. All that is left is to understand them yourself.

Hire an essay writer

If you have a particularly treacherous assignment and little time to resolve it, consider hiring a professional essay writer. The best essay writing service will provide you with a quality paper on any subject you need. Delegating tasks is an excellent strategy not only in education but in general, too.

Schedule an adequate reward

The truth is, we can not go on forever without some kind of reward for what we are doing. Our brain is intricately designed to reward us with the hormones of happiness whenever we learn a new experience or skill in life. Similarly, make sure that you get a proper reward for finishing any portion of your work. Rewarding yourself with a time of rest is good. But granting yourself a chocolate bar or another tangential prize is even better and would help you raise your moods.


These are the tips that could help you study better this semester. Do not neglect your studies until the very last moment; divide your workload into small portions; hire an essay writer to remove some assignments from your plate; fight off distractions and reward yourself for all the work you do. Remember that if you struggle with education, it does not mean you are talentless. Just try a different approach.

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