Student years are the best years of life: how to make it so

From all sides, they say that the student years are the best thing that can be in everyone’s life. Of course, if you do not take into account the constant cramming and occasional fun from session to session. 

However, the vast majority of students really have the most productive, active, and interesting years. In no other period of life, you’ll not experience so much freedom, search for meaning and inner morality, find so many acquaintances, make friends and go on trips. And all you have to do is just let it happen. And we’ll tell you the best part about the college years and how to make the most of the experience.

Getting on a Student Squad

Are you attracted to the idea of fraternity/sorority? Then be sure to sign up for a student unit. Today there are not only student teams but also pedagogical, construction, service, medical, and even agricultural teams.

Some enter it for the sake of gaining experience, others – for rest at the sea or in other exotic places, others – for public benefit, and still others – for earning money. True, they don’t pay much, often only symbolically.

One university may have several different specific student squads. For example, members of the pedagogical squad will work as counselors at children’s camps.

However, work is not everything that is worth joining the strict ranks of the Student Detachment. Here you are waiting for amateur competitions and concerts, songs with a guitar, quests, tourist meetings, talks and fires, squad friendship, and much more. Now you know what to do when you are a student not to be bored.

Traveling abroad (on exchange)

The college years are golden because it’s the perfect time to do a little crazy stuff. So be sure to go to the dean’s office and ask what your chances are of getting into an exchange program within your major. If you get the thumbs up, find some debit cards for teens that can easily be used abroad and start saving up to make the most of the experience.

Participation in the Youth Forum

Youth Forum – a thematic area for people with an active life position, seeking to change the future for the better.

At such events, there is communication and interaction with significant speakers of domestic and world level. You can take part in interesting informal events, develop your “soft skills” and start working on socially important projects. Please note: such events are a great starting point for future work. 

The most interesting and promising ideas will not only find useful acquaintances but also get grants. Rest assured: pleasant acquaintances and a good time will be assured.


This is a great chance not only to help those in need but also to find like-minded people who are looking in the same direction.

You can volunteer not only within some large organizations but also privately. For example, in your spare time, you can help in an animal shelter, housekeeping for the elderly, organizing forums, exhibitions, conferences.

Tips for making your college years even better

If you want to make your university years even more productive and unforgettable, use our tips.

  • Be active. Even if you’re naturally shy and never known for being outgoing, it’s time to push yourself. Believe us, in the future it will serve very well. Don’t sit still – play shows, take part in sporting events, conferences, write the university’s wall newspaper. In general, do anything that will help you meet new people and be on everyone’s radar (in a good sense).
  • Make friendships. You’ll never have the same opportunities to make new friends again as you did at university because they will mostly just drop out after college. Practice shows that it is the friendships made in university that are the longest and most realized. And it is also the university acquaintances who can help in the professional field. 
  • Learn to enjoy life. Even if studying is too hard, you are tired and nothing pleases you, find joy and give in to it. Even the famous anthem of all students, “Gaudeamus,” urges us to “rejoice while we are young.” Don’t see any reason to be? And we’ll tell you: you can rejoice while you think and argue, learn new things, get surprised, listen to interesting lectures and read good books, get practical experience, make acquaintances and find friends, travel and do sports, go to theaters and nightclubs. Very soon you will have nothing to teach and nothing to surprise – that’s really not very happy. In the meantime, plenty of excuses.
  • Learn everything you can learn. Now you are at the peak of your power and abilities, so take up all the cases that are interesting to you or not. Start to get a second degree in parallel, go to several educational courses, learn a foreign language – all this lays a solid foundation for your professional experience and will certainly be useful in your future career. You probably think that it is very difficult, but with the right approach to study, it is possible. Otherwise, you can always turn to
  • Find your personality. Being an individual is what sets us apart from others: having an opinion, taking the initiative, asking questions, not being afraid to speak up. Leave mediocre knowledge to mediocre people. If you’re like everyone else, no one will remember you and will not seek to communicate with you. If you want to achieve something and fulfill your wildest ambitions, become someone!

This is all well and good, of course, but when do you study for all these aspirations to have healthy and fun college years? You are right: you came to the university to study, and it is the first thing you need to do.

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