Most Useful Websites for Students: 3 Trustworthy Platforms

It is known that studentship determines the level of development of all young people due to their high spiritual and intellectual potential. The higher educational system is one of those social institutions that can educate and develop a person with the traits necessary for society. At the beginning of the XXI century, the introduction of an individual approach to the development of the student’s personality – bright, creative, full-fledged, and highly professional – is becoming increasingly important.

Modernization of higher education involves increased attention to improving the quality of the educational process, which results in the development of the professional competence of the future specialist. Independent work of students is one of the ways to achieve this. This is important in the context of the professional adaptation of students to study at a higher education institution. As practice shows, the effective independent work of students has a positive effect on the formation of their professional motivation and successful entry into the student environment.

Homework is the main form of individual student work today. It is important in the education process but requires a lot of time and effort. Some assignments are very difficult for students. That is why young people often turn to professional writers for help with math homework. They guarantee high-quality math homework help for every client and provide free edits when needed.

Where Students Can Look for Help with Math Homework: Useful Sites

There are a number of websites that can be useful for students. Below is their brief description. Reliable Online Service

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Pay attention that contacting the company is not difficult at all. You can use the order form, the phone number indicated on the website, or online chat. Chat is used the most commonly. Here is an example of one of the client messages: “I need urgent, but quality math help online. Can you do my homework for me?”. By leaving a request for the execution of an order on the website, you will receive a reliable professional helper with extensive experience. He will carefully examine your requirements and provide good math assignment help within the time frame you set. The work will be definitely done when you need it.

Edx: Opportunity to Take Training Courses and Gain New Knowledge

Edx is a well-known online platform today. It offers many training courses that allow students to master skills that will benefit them in their personal or career lives. The company was founded in 2012 by several professors from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A little over a year later, the platform already had more than a million users.

Meeting the needs of students studying on their own terms, Edx provides the best unique learning experience, including innovative MicroMasters programs. Assisting students at various stages (entering the modern job market, changing professions, trying to learn new skills, etc.), Edx offers courses for inquisitive minds on a variety of issues, from data analysis and programming to management and communication.

According to the latest reports of the company, the number of registered users on the Edx platform exceeded 25 million people. The number of teachers is 5,743, the number of courses exceeds 2,800, educational videos have been viewed 121 million times, 1.6 million official certificates have been issued. The platform has students from 196 countries and more than 150 partner universities and other educational institutions, including some of the world’s most famous universities, such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, The University of Texas System, etc. The most popular course on the platform is the “cs50” course from Harvard University, the purpose of which is to study the basics of programming. Edx training courses are available in dozens of different languages.

Udemy: Service That Gives the Opportunity to Learn Successfully

Udemy is a unique online platform. Here everyone can take the courses they need, be it animal care courses or software code creation courses. The company was founded not so long ago, in 2007. Today it is one of the largest and most effective learning platforms on the market.

One of the main differences of Udemy from other websites is that it strongly supports teachers who are engaged in creating courses and placing them on the platform (after reviewing the quality of the material). This allows sharing knowledge and skills with others without the need for face-to-face meetings. Students not only have the opportunity to participate in these courses, but also receive feedback from tutors, and in most cases, they will also be asked to represent a sample of the skills they have mastered while studying a particular course. The following courses are the most popular on the website: practical leadership skills, full 2020 web programming course, photography master class, professional guitar master class, and NLP practitioner qualification.

Each course is taught by specialists in the field, and some may offer certification for their course. All courses have lifelong access, so the student can return to their studies or take a break from it if they wish.

The cost of courses varies greatly, and although many of them are around $ 150-200, the platform always has special offers and coupons that will help significantly reduce the price. Many teachers also offer discount codes for their specific course, so very often the real price for the course is 10-20 dollars. The company has students from more than 190 countries, and the total number of minutes of educational videos reaches 33 million.

Each of the above platforms is useful. You just have to choose the one that will help you achieve your learning goals!

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