Writing a unique article – 5 methods to follow

Have you ever sat back on your couch intending to jot something pretty incredible? Just like you, many people start with a blank page and others with their computer screens but end up without dropping a single word. The reason is the lack of information and writing process that such people don’t understand. They just get inspired by famous writers – as article writing is the trend these days – overlooking what efforts they are putting into it.

Whether you understand it or not, there exists a method to writing – which many authors heed naturally. If you are getting started as an article writer. And if you think it is a struggle to create an article, essay, short story, or blog, read on! We will talk about what each step of the writing process concerns, and we will offer some tricks for each section that will assist you when you feel stuck! Let’s get straight into it!

Unique Article: What is it & Why it is Crucial?

Before anything else, you should learn what a unique article is and why it matters a lot today. The unique article refers to something that doesn’t hold any plagiarized material in itself, and the terms it has are not used by anyone else before. In other words, your article must not be copied/matched/similar to any other source available. You have to make sure that your article is 100% written by you.

However, the unfortunate thing is it becomes hard to get secured from plagiarism – no matter if you have written it by yourself. It can occur unintentionally due to tons of data available on the web. It is more likely the terms you think to use are already used by someone else. But not to worry! There exist a few tips that will help you in this context. You should take a look below at them!

5 Effective Tips To Writing a Unique Article On the Go!

After researching a lot, we have grabbed a bunch of tried and tested tips that may help you a lot. So, without breaking a sweat. Let’s get straight into it!

1.   Focus On the Title and Research Deeply

The first method to start writing a unique article is to understand the topic and research. Creating an article does not imply that you only focus on its uniqueness. However, you have to make high-quality content that is informative and easy to read. So, the writing process begins with your title. You should scroll through the web to explore comprehensive info about the topic and then brainstorm its related context.

2.   Create an Outline

Once you have grabbed knowledge about the particular topic and related terms, you should concentrate on prewriting. It means creating an outline in which you write the details in order. For example, your title is about why we use a plagiarism scanner online. You must go for research and arrange the headlines precisely. First, tell what is a plagiarism checker, and then move to the headline: Why we must use it.

Pro Tip: Always think you are writing for kids that do not have any information about the context. You have to give them a precise guide with unique terms.

3.   Start Writing By Sprinkling Your Thoughts

Writing a unique article starts with your thoughts and opinions on a particular concept. In other words, how you perceive a thing is all plagiarism-free until someone thinks in the same way. So, don’t waste that idea, inspiration, or opinion that clicks on your mind. But, yes, you must evaluate that concept and match it with your thoughts to come up with some authentic information. Of course, you can’t produce irrelevant terms. So, be mindful and write generally by sprinkling your ideas.

4.   Rephrase and Proofread

Yet another method to come up with a unique article is to use the rephrasing trick. Rephrasing refers to using others’ material and changing its wording by keeping the context the same. You can apply this method when you feel stuck in a sentence, and you notice it’s already been used by someone else, at such a moment, change its case. In this way, you can make that unique. However, you must keep an eye on rephrased words to remove grammar flaws.

5.   Run the Last Draft Through a Plagiarism Checker Online

The last step is to run your text via a plagiarism detector. These tools hold AI-Powered algorithms that match your input text with all across the data available on the internet. Once it gets matched, an online plagiarism checker will reveal the sources and highlight the matched sentences. In this way, you can review what you need to rewrite on the go. You must not skip this step as it can reduce all of your hassles in a moment. Go for a plagiarism test when you think your last draft is ready!

Additional Steps To Boost Your Article Writing Skills!

Now, as you have learned the basics of creating a unique article. It would not be hard to give your article writing skills a boost. You can say that it is craftwork that you can carry with your cup of tea. However, some secrets that can help you write daily without breaking your catalyst levels. You must learn them now. Keep reading!

Write With a Fresh Mind

Writing is the way to feel and live in a moment. It does not matter if you haven’t experienced it. You will get connected to it with your words. It is crucial to start with a fresh mind that only revolves around the present. Let your problems away and keep them smooth as much as you can. Believe us! Writing in this way will boost your writing speed and make you able to come up with unique ideas.

Be Consistent

Consistency refers to the simplistic terms that you use in your article. It is the best way to create a bridge between your words and the readers. Also, it implies jotting down easy-to-read and flowing words that your readers can understand easily. So, try not to make your writing complex. Stay simple and real.

Kill the hype. Keep it conceivable

An article writer must know how to talk in a general manner. It is a skill that makes your content authentic and original. Many times you have some keywords and links that you have to stuff. You should not make it promotional as it will add a pathetic sentiment. However, keep it general and precise – which seems conceivable to the readers.

Use Advanced Proofreading Tools

As human eyes can miss out on slight errors, you should start relying on online proofreading tools. Many times we face the situation when someone comments: “keep an eye on your grammar and originality!” Don’t you think it’s embarrassing? Of course, it is. You must go for an online plagiarism checker and grammar checker to make your content 100% flawless.


Dear readers, article writing can become as simple as you stick to the mentioned tips. We don’t want to bother you. But online plagiarism tools play a vital role in the writing sphere. So, keep one in your hand to make yourself secure. There are multiple tools out there. However, we suggest you go with PlagiarismChecker.co as it is reliable and easy to use.

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