Special Discount Page for Linguist Finder customers/translators



Word Magic Software, the leading resource in English-Spanish bi-directional translation, is pleased to team with Linguist Finder to offer a special 20% discount on all Word Magic’s award-winning products to the visitors of the Linguist Finder site. Whether your need for this type of software is casual or professional, Word Magic Software has the perfect product for all your translation needs.


Once you have selected your product(s) and are ready purchase, please enter LFDIS20 in the given ‘discount code’ box in our shopping cart to access this special 20% discount offer. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].


English-Spanish Interpreter Professional (ESI Pro)

The ESI Pro is a bi-directional translator capable of handling documents of any size and style. With the ESI Pro, a feature called Translation Memory is employed meaning that instead of just a straight machine translation, this software actually reviews the entire sentence, formulating the proper sentence and phrase structure, thereby increasing the overall quality of the translation. Another feature of the ESI Pro is its Interactive Mode. When employing the Interactive Mode, the user retains greater control of their translation, allowing for sentence by sentence, word by word translation, all while receiving text and phrase options in the form of a separate pop-up window. Both Translation Memory and Interactive Mode are exclusive to Word Magic Software’s ESI Pro. Finally, with a database of over 600,000 words and the ability to add an infinite number of words manually, the ESI Pro truly is a translator’s dream software for its ability to grow with the translator’s needs while cutting down on the time spent at the desk.

Regular Price: US$375.00

After Offer: US$300.00

English-Spanish Interpreter Standard (ESI Standard)

Retaining the same sized database (600,000 words, 4 million synonyms) as the ESI Pro, the ESI Standard is a handy tool for the casual translator and/or student. With a quality Automatic Translation Mode, the ESI Standard offers quick and accurate translation at the click of a button for an economical price.

Regular Price: US$195.00

After Offer: US$156.00

Translation Dictionary & Tools Professional (TDT Pro)

With the TDT Pro the user gets the single most complete English-Spanish software dictionary tool available on the market today. With over 600,000 terms, 4 million synonyms and a quick reference Thesaurus, the TDT Pro is a great reference tool kit for all levels of the translation process.

Regular Price: US$295.00

After Offer: US$236.00

Point & Click Translator Pro (P&C Pro)

This compact software program is a great quick reference dictionary and thesaurus. The Point & Click Translator works within a small window at the bottom of your screen, allowing the user to access any needed translations without having to drop out of their document. Containing more than 600,000 translation references, this handy tool is perfect for someone in need of the random translation term.

Regular Price: US$99.00

After Offer: US$79.20

Field-Specific Dictionaries

Word Magic Software has also developed 3 field-specific dictionaries for Legal, Internet Technology and Business & Finance. The Legal and Business & Finance Dictionaries each contain over 130,000 references while the I.T. Dictionary contains more than 35,000, each specific to their respective fields. Each dictionary was compiled using several reputed book-form dictionaries and glossaries and will work as either a stand-alone product, or in conjunction with any of Word Magic Software’s other products.

Regular Price: US$225.00

After Offer: US$180.00

Dictionary & Tools Plug-in for Microsoft Office

Dictionary & Thesaurus Plug-in allows you to translate specific words, phrases and idioms in either English or Spanish just by clicking on them. You can conjugate verbs, replace single words and/or whole phrases in either language, and look up synonyms, meanings and expressions in both languages. Also included are a bi-lingual spell checker and a collection of 225,000 idioms in both English and Spanish.

Regular Price: US$75.00

After Offer: US$60.00