Importance of audio transcribing educational podcast

Podcasts have long become the most popular way of receiving information. They are used in all spheres for different purposes. Podcasts are meant to be listened to. So why do you need to do an audio transcription of your podcasts? 

  1. The first reason is, of course, to stand out of the pack and help your audience find your content.

2. When you transcribe audio material, you improve your positions in the browsing systems. Most people find podcasts of interest on the Internet. But there is a little problem – audio recordings are not indexed by the Internet. It might happen in the future, but you can’t wait. You need to attract as many viewers as possible to your resource now. You need to have transcriptions of key parts of your podcast so that Google shows it in search results. 

3. Audio transcription will help you promote your material on social networks. People like posting quotes in their timelines. But it is not always they want to pause the podcast and type what they just heard, even if they really liked it. It is much simpler to copy it from the description of the podcast. 

4. If you make audio to text transcription for your podcast, you will be able to attract more subscribers to your resources. Statistics show that almost 40% of online users do not listen to the podcast because they take a lot of traffic. And almost the same amount of online audience said that podcasts are sometimes too long. So, transcription of some parts of your podcast will be able to expand your audience by satisfying their needs. 

Additionally, you can attract those people who have hearing disabilities by providing them your material in a convenient form they can read. 

How to make a good transcription?

Of course, you can try to do the transcription yourself. Be prepared that it only seems to be easy and fast. A quality transcription takes time and a lot of effort. Such work has a great advantage – you will know your material perfectly, and you will be able to sort and adjust it the way you need. No other person or app will be able to do it. 

You can also use speech recognition technology. There are a variety of apps that will do a good job for you. Some of them are really cool, such as Rev, Otter, Scribie, etc. If you have a clear recording, you will do minimal corrections in the transcribed text. Apps work well with audio recordings with no external noises when a person speaks a traditional accent and doesn’t talk too fast. In other cases, you will have to use the help of transcription experts.  

You will be surprised how many companies offer service of audio transcription online. Their offers look pretty much the same, except for a really few of them. Many would use automated transcription software and handle the text without even checking it. However, it is possible to find a trustworthy company, to perform audio transcription

When you look for a transcription company, you should pay attention to where they do transcribing accurately, without making any kind of mistakes or omissions. A not less important factor is the methods they use to send files back and forth because you have to be sure there will be no leakage of information. The company should be able to deliver the order within the deadline you indicate. You should also find out if they are able to transcribe accents and languages other than English, in case of necessity. If you need timestamps in your text, you should agree on that in advance. You should also discuss the cost and any additional charges in advance.

So, if you are a podcaster, it is highly recommended to add transcriptions to your recordings. You will definitely benefit from it. There are several options you can choose from. However, if you want to save time and money, you will definitely need to use a human transcript service like Transcriberry. Their experts ensure the delivery of high-quality transcriptions within minimal turnover time. You can also be sure the information you provide will always remain safe and won’t be transferred to other parties. Establishing cooperation with such a company will help you attract a wider audience to your podcasts.

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