How to write a dissertation quickly?

How to quickly write a master’s thesis

Master’s qualification work is a document summarizing the study in master’s degree. It takes two years to write this dissertation, therefore the main tasks of the author are to demonstrate as much as possible their theoretical knowledge on the chosen research subject, as well as to prepare solutions to the selected scientific problem for further application in practice.

How to speed up the process of writing a master’s thesis several times?

To write a master’s thesis in less than two years, it is recommended that you follow the guidelines below.

Choosing a theme for dissertation

The selection of the necessary topic is a crucial step, the speed of writing a work depends on it. If you have any difficulties, you can use the list compiled at the educational department. If the master’s student himself has worked out the topic of future research, it must be approved by the project curator.


 “When writing a dissertation, it is forbidden to use directions that are not related to the chosen topic of the qualification work – it takes a lot of time ineffectively. As a result, the research conducted will be disqualified.”

Planning a paper 

The writing plan is an additional opportunity to save time on drafting the text of future work. All points are discussed and agreed upon with the scientific advisor.

Determining the research methodology and recording the results

Researching literary sources is the most time-consuming part of writing a dissertation. When selecting necessary information, it is important to focus only on that which is of practical relevance to the subject of research, as well as having scientific, substantiated evidence in the chosen field.

“The main theses should be outlined on a sheet of paper/text file on the computer with the obligatory indication of the page number, source name, and its author – this approach will reduce the time for systematization, analysis of theoretical information for the master’s thesis several times.”

To ensure that the work was written in a short time and in strict accordance with the requirements, please contact the dissertation help experts.

How to write a doctoral dissertation quickly?

The recommended length of a Ph.D. thesis is two years in graduate school and three years in graduate school. The volume of this work varies – 100-150 pages, depending on the research topic and discipline.

A clear idea of the number of pages of the main chapters, as well as proper time planning (this will be written about below), will help to reduce the time for the text of the thesis.

Approximate volume of the chapters of the thesis

All sections and chapters of the thesis research are written in order, with a logical relationship between them. This approach not only speeds up the process of writing the work but also avoids possible information confusion.

“If the author has an in-depth understanding of the topic, it is a guarantee that the dissertation will be written in half the time.”

In the first chapter, the applicant describes the essence of the investigated problem, its novelty, relevance in modern science for 30 pages.

The second chapter also consists of 30 pages – here the author analyzes the literature sources used and provides a theoretical basis for the scientific work.

The volume of the third (practical) chapter does not vary significantly – 20-40 pages. The applicant substantiates the achievement of the goals using experiments conducted.

The fourth chapter is a summary of the results of the work done and is 30 pages

How to write a Ph.D. thesis/doctoral thesis in a year: is it realistic?

Attentive attention to details, theses, the main points of the candidate/doctoral dissertation is a guarantee of fast writing of the document. It is difficult to write such research papers on your own in a few months because of the large amount of information data, but it is possible to significantly reduce the time for their compilation.

“ To write a research paper in a year, it is recommended to choose a research topic related to the previous dissertation (the condition is relevant for doctoral and candidate’s theses). It is enough to expand the theoretical part a little and add a few relevant sources not considered in previous papers.”

When drafting (typing) chapters, it is recommended to leave wide margins – this will make it easier to visually find mistakes, inaccuracies, or typos, as well as provide an opportunity to make the necessary working notes, insert graphics in the right part of the text, etc.

Top 5 Tips for Proper Time Planning for Writing a Dissertation

To make a daily routine, stick to the tips below.

1. Work daily and in small portions

To write your dissertation earlier than the deadline, it is advisable to write only a few pages of text per day

2. The “tomato” method and its effectiveness

This approach will help people with impaired self-motivation to increase the productivity of their work. The name came from a common form of a kitchen timer. The essence of the method is the following – the author works for 25-30 minutes and then takes a 10-minute break.

3. Choosing a convenient time

It is recommended that the dissertation writer choose a time that is most productive for work – morning, night, or evening. To understand which hours of the day are most suitable for writing a document, you can try several options at once.

4. Maintaining proportional length

Editing excessive/insufficient pages is time-consuming, so the future scholar should strictly adhere to the stipulated volume of the main chapters.

5. Selection of the information mediumThis criterion depends on the personal choice of the author of the scientific work, but it is better to store information on electronic media – a guarantee of timely correction of the written text, the sequence of ideas. To quickly write down the idea in the absence of a computer at hand, you should not give up the notepad and pen.

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