How to Learn a New Language With a VPN

Learning a new language can be frustrating. You learn a new word today and forget it by tomorrow. Today, you can construct a sentence in French. Tomorrow, you’re not sure whether “oui” means yes or no.

Here, we’ll show you how to learn any new language using a VPN. But isn’t a VPN a security tool used to protect yourself against hackers? Yes, it’s a security tool. But it’s one of those tools with a myriad of benefits.

Without further ado, here’s how to go from a novice to a fluent speaker of French, German, Mandarin, or any other foreign language with the help of a VPN.

Choose a Good VPN

The first thing you need to do is to choose a good VPN. Precisely, look for a provider with these functionalities:

  1. Military Grade Protection
  2. Fast Connection Speeds
  3. Global Servers
  4. Unlimited Traffic
  5. Geo-Restriction Bypassing
  6. Multi-device Support
  7. Low Cost

Although you can find free VPNs online, they limit your traffic. They have a small number of servers. They’re not always secure and come with a small number of helpful features. As such, you’re better off with an affordable, premium USA VPN.

Download and Read Foreign Language Books

Reading is still one of the best ways to learn a new language in 2021. That’s because you can learn at your pace. You can bookmark words and pages. What’s more, you can pay more attention to sentence structures and re-write them during practice.

Sadly, the best foreign language books might not be available in your country. Sure, you can find just about any book on Google. But some premium books are only available in certain areas for copyright reasons.

This is where VPNs come into play. Let’s say you’re in mainland China. The country doesn’t support Google. Yet, you want to read a German-language book. You can switch your country from China to Germany on the VPN.

Now, you can install Google Chrome and search for the best German-language books. Google will detect you’re in Germany, and won’t hide any books protected by copyright laws.

Compare and Install Language Apps

Books are informative and effective, but they’re not always as interactive as apps. An app teaches you a new language in a casual, fun way. It can incorporate videos, audio, and written texts to make lessons as interactive as possible.

But in the usual style, app developers are limited by copyright laws. It’s common to find English language apps only available in the US. Or you can find Korean language apps only available in a handful of European countries.

A VPN can be your savior. Let’s say you’ve discovered the best Portuguese learning app is available in the UK, Canada, the US, and Australia. But you live in South Africa and would love to travel to Brazil someday.

You can switch your IP address from Pretoria to London. And now, you’ll have the freedom to install the top-rated app you wanted. Next, you can learn Portuguese at your own pace for as long as you have your VPN switched on.

Unblock Geo-Restricted TV Streaming Networks

The Internet is full of testimonies about people who learned new languages by watching TV shows and movies. Take Israeli sisters Reut and Shoham Nistel as examples. In an article featured on CNN; the sisters learned to speak Fluent Spanish by binge-watching an Argentine TV show.

The sisters also became fluent English speakers by watching ‘Family Matters’ and ‘Full House’ back when these shows were on air. Another example is baseballer Freddy Galvis, who revealed to the New York Times that he learned English by watching ‘Friends’ with Spanish sub-titles.

Now, you don’t really have to wait until there’s an Italian TV show available in your local TV networks to learn Italian. You can stream Italian TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Italian streaming networks.

And if these companies don’t accept players from your country, the trick is simple. Use your favorite VPN to hide your true address. Instead, change it to a country where these shows are aired, and binge-watch them.

Listen to Local Radio Stations

When you think about it, we all learned our mother tongues by listening to our guardians. Your mother, father or nanny was probably the first person to mention the word “Hello” to you.

Then you heard the saying “Goodnight,” “Good morning,” and calling you by your name. Within a couple of years, you could speak many of these words. That’s the power of learning a language by listening to it.

As an adult with a busy career, you might not live close to someone who speaks Russian. But who said you can’t listen to people speaking Russian? All you need is to look at popular Russian radio stations.

Next, use the power of a VPN to change your location from where you live to Moscow or St. Petersburgh. After that, listen to a few Russian radio stations. This is particularly helpful when you can understand basic words and want to become better at speaking the language.

The beauty of listening to the radio is that there’s music on it. And there’s no denying we’ve all picked up a few foreign words by listening to foreign music.

Download Stuff on Torrent Websites

Downloading movies, ebooks, and other content on torrent sites is illegal or a legal grey area in many countries. Some places have extremely harsh penalties for torrent users. Yet, your goal could be simple—looking for a free eBook to learn a new language.

Besides legality, torrent websites are notorious for harboring malware, viruses, and other harmful software. A VPN can protect you from these issues. Being a security tool, your VPN will encrypt your data to keep it safe from hackers. On the other hand, you can use your VPN to hide your true IP address. And in doing so, you’re protected from government spies or anyone else who might blackmail you for downloading torrent freeware. Additionally, a good VPN can increase your download speeds when torrenting.

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