How To Create Stress-free Schedule For Students

A student’s life can be very stressful. Lectures to attend, assignments to submit, and all other responsibilities that a student has added up and create a stressful environment out of what should be one’s best years. De-stressing is long, so making a stress-free schedule is a must. Here are some things to consider.

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1.            Invest in a Good Planner

Invest in a good planner and use it! Make sure that you utilize it as much as you can because it will be your best friend for the time to come. Be as general or as specific with your entries as you wish. As you go through it day by day or task by task, reprioritize your tasks: learn to be flexible with your plans and do not take on more than what you can take. Rely on technology as well, read about time management apps for students, and make your smartphone your best study buddy. 

2.            Establish Good Communication With Your Professors

Make sure that you have good communication with college professors. Communicate clearly and learn what their deadlines, policies, and expectations are. Forgotten deadlines are a stress inducer and there is nothing worse for a college student than a missed deadline and a sleepless night in the dorm.

3.            Create a Functional Workspace

A functional college workspace is a prerequisite for a stress-free semester. Simply keeping it tidy and organized can alleviate much of the stress and make any school assignment seem like a breeze. The work desk is where you will be spending most of your time outside of study halls and keeping a pen holder, a neat pile of books, and a simple flower arrangement can do wonders to transform it into a place of enjoyment and productivity. Remember, a clutter-free space is a happy space.

4.            Establish a Proven Routine

Routine is your best friend in college. Establish step-by-step routines for college-related tasks. Research, college essay writing, proofreading, editing, even studying, and attending a lecture are all daily tasks that can turn into a simple routine and be done semi-automatically. Have Lets Grade It check your papers and essays before submitting them and take the burden off your shoulders.

5.            Delegate some Tasks

Let others do a part of your work. This is what study groups, study buddies, and a lot of online tools and apps are for. Focus on what you are good at and let someone else write a plagiarism free essay for you. Make sure to use the free time productively: work on another course, hit the gym, or tidy up your dorm room. You’ll be thanking yourself when you come back to it after a long day of lectures.

6.            Do as Much as you Can Online

Rely on online services as much as you can. Research for your college assignments, find free reading material or study notes for that upcoming exam. Make sure to review some essay writing services and rely on others to do at least a part of your work. In comparison to just taking a walk to the local library to spend hours going through books and articles, this will save you a lot of time and a lot of money, too.

7.            Avoid Stress

Stress is a silent killer. College students are especially prone to it. Keep your room tidy, schedule organized, and make sure that you get enough sleep, healthy food, and exercise. This should guarantee less stress and a more enjoyable time during your studies.

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Final Thoughts

Creating a stress-free schedule is not a one-time thing. Plan ahead, but also stay flexible. Rely on yourself as well as others and their resources to save yourself time, stress, and money. Understand that a stress-free schedule is not something that happens overnight, but needs to be worked on daily as your obligations change.

Neal Taparia, owner of the FreeCell Challenge, and the best student of his generation advises that planning and learning strategy are the core of every type of success. “That’s why it’s best to make a schedule that will help students, especially freshmen. Parents and older and more experienced colleagues can help. “

Merissa Moore

Merrisa is a violin player and owner of a collection of classical pieces. She inherited her love for a simple, organized life from her mother and hopes to pass it on to her children one day. She believes that music helps her stay focused and active throughout the day.

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