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Gambler claims Mayfair casino plied him with Chinese liquor

A high-stakes gambler who says he was plied with a Chinese spirit until he was ‘blackout drunk’ at a Mayfair casino is locked in a bitter court fight over his £600,000 losses. 

Lester Hui claims he told staff at Aspinall’s Curzon Street casino to cut him off if he lost more than £30,000 as he planned to get drunk. 

But Aspinall’s Club Ltd – which was founded by John Aspinall in the 60s – is demanding that he pay up for his losses and says he was sober enough to make decisions. 

Lawyers for the casino told the High Court that the prolific gambler even drove himself home after his evening out and pointed out CCTV footage that appears to show that he was not drunk. 

The club is suing Mr Hui for breach of contract and ‘dishonouring a bill of exchange’ after launching its case against him in September 2019.  

Lester Hui outside the High Court.

Mr Hui says he told staff at the casino to cut him off if he lost more than £30,000 – a claim the club strongly disputes 

Aspinall’s Curzon Street online casino real money no deposit, where Mr Hui spent an expensive evening in February 2016.

The club disputes his claim that he was too drunk to gamble 

At the start of the night in February 2016, Mr Hui had a good streak and seemed to be enjoying himself. But he hit an unlucky streak. 

He says that staff at the club were plying him with Moutai, a Chinese liquor known as ‘firewater’, and were encouraging him to gamble even though he was drunk. 

Lawyers for Mr Hui said in ‘deliberately failing to intervene’ for the club’s financial benefit, Aspinall’s breached the social responsibility obligations it has under its gambling licence. 

At the end of play, Mr Hui signed a cheque for £589,724, totalling his losses minus money the club owed him.

But when the casino tried to pay in the cheque, it bounced.

The club said it tried to resolve the debt but was forced to take the matter to the courts. 

Alexander Robson, representing Aspinall’s, strongly refuted Mr Hui’s claims of intoxication and said he hadn’t told staff to cut him off. 

He pointed to CCTV which the casino believes demonstrates Mr Hui’s sobriety that evening. 

The case continues.  


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