Free crypto courses worth taking

The popularity of blockchain technology and the explosive growth of cryptocurrency have led to skyrocketing curiosity in learning about these new technologies. More and more people are becoming aware of how they affect their lives, and the interest will continue as long as these technologies continue to disrupt industries. Bitcoin and Ethereum already have market caps that can rival the biggest companies in the world, and new projects are created every single day.

Crypto education and why it is needed

The cryptocurrency market attracts many people to start trading. However, without solid background knowledge, trading might turn out to be disastrous. In order to invest in cryptocurrency and make a profit, they need to be aware of the potential of the market and the risk that it hides. That is why more and more courses are being produced. 

Blockchain isn’t just about Bitcoin – it’s a revolutionary technology. Blockchain technology has the potential to conquer the world. Courses dedicated to blockchain technology can teach us how to harness its power and use it for various purposes, from streamlining business processes to even improving cybersecurity.

Free courses

Cryptocurrency is a new technology, and its practical implementation is still in progress. This means that there will inevitably be early adopters, although the ecosystem is full of learning opportunities, especially for those just starting to learn about it.

But before you start checking on the Bitcoin price or decide to buy Ethereum, let’s see some of the free resources that you can use to speed up your onboarding in the world of blockchain.

Coinbase Learn

This free course is an ideal resource for anyone looking to learn more about the world of cryptocurrency. This course includes everything you have to know about buying, selling, and mining cryptocurrency. It’s also straightforward to understand for beginners or anyone with little knowledge of the subject. Furthermore, it teaches users how to work with cryptocurrency safely without running into any issues. This manual will help you make intelligent decisions from the get-go.

Princeton University course

Princeton University offers a free online course that will teach you the basics of bitcoin and cryptography. It is suitable for anyone looking for a better understanding of the crypto world, from new users to investors. It features over 4 hours of video content with lectures by Princeton’s Arvind Narayanan. 

Although you won’t receive a certificate upon completing the course, you’ll dive into security essentials surrounding bitcoin and cryptocurrency. You’ll be presented with essential topics like wallets, cold storage, and private keys. But you won’t come out of this course with only knowledge — you’ll also come out with practical experience in managing bitcoins.

“Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies” by UC Berkley – EdX

UC Berkeley is offering a course on blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the EdX platform. Unlike other courses available, UC Berkeley: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies will teach students how to program smart contracts and build decentralized applications (dApps). The course will also explore what makes blockchain technology secure and how users can make transactions without heavily relying on third parties such as financial institutions.

Introduction to hyperledger blockchain technologies by The Linux Foundation – EdX

The Linux Foundation presents an EdX blockchain course to help businesses understand the basic principles of blockchain technology. By focusing on use cases beyond cryptocurrency, this course makes blockchain sound less intimidating and easier to understand. It is an excellent place to start if you are already familiar with business concepts but new to blockchain. The course is free, but to receive a certificate, you should pay $99.

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn lets you earn money while you learn about the most up-and-coming technologies in the world of cryptocurrency. With a wide variety of quizzes and courses, you can explore new ways to earn money while learning the ins and outs of some of the most innovative start-ups in the blockchain space. This is probably the best place if you want to find the next cryptocurrency unicorn, as it offers an overview of many altcoins many haven’t heard of.

DeveloperWorks – Blockchain essential

This course is designed for beginners or users that want to learn how to use HyperLedger. The IBM blockchain developers who created this curriculum share their knowledge of the platform, taking you through hands-on exercises and lessons to help you understand how HyperLedger can be used across many industries. Students will be able to make their own chain code after completing the course lab exercises. They’ll also understand how business applications can leverage the functionality of this framework.


The crypto world is full of surprises. Many adventurers are joining the new digital wave every day. The rising awareness leads to the inevitable thing — the early adoption of blockchain and new pieces of educational material waiting to be read and listened to.

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