Five Biggest Mistakes to Make as an Online Student

The Coronavirus pandemic of the past year or so has forced the education sector to transition heavily to online learning, remote education, and other abnormal learning techniques. This transition was not always a smooth one across the board, and mistakes were made on all sides during the wakening of this need for technology-based learning. No matter whether you are completing your very first important exam-based years of schooling as a teenager or an MBA ten years down the line, taking any type of online course is a big jump in many ways. The way you learn and take information changes if you are taking an online course, and the resources you have access to also change as well. In this article, we are going to be looking into five common and dangerous mistakes that are easily made as an online student. Watch out for these as they can creep up on you!

1: Computer Glitches & Wi-Fi Problems (Technology Fails)

This is probably the most apparent one which actually happens a lot more than you might think. Although technology was built to aid us in our everyday life, sometimes it does let us down! When technology fails us, we more often than not do not really have a suitable back up plan. When the internet goes down or our mobile data connection gets interrupted, we seem to all go into an instant panic. This is even more accentuated when our schooling is entirely reliant on said internet connection. Imagine taking an online exam when your connection drops out; nightmare. This is why it is important to always have your data backed up and have a reliable computer system. It is also crucial to have back-up plans; do not be entirely reliant on one system. That is definitely a rookie error!

2: Lack of Time Management

Another easy online learning mistake to make is forgetting to manage your own time. Neal Taparia, an entrepreneur who successfully runs a brain training app called I’m a Puzzle says: “Time is one of the most precious commodities we have at our disposal. Learning is nothing without the time put into it. If learning is rushed, you will not take the information in and will not complete the course to the best of your ability.” Everyone can remember that time where they procrastinated to the last minute with an assignment, piece of work, or project. Careful planning and efficient use of time will help you as a student to avoid these last-minute cram sessions or rushed final paragraphs.

3: Not Participating to the Fullest Extent

It is very easy to sit back and relax when taking an online class. If you switch off your screen during a Zoom class that is boring you, you will start to slowly switch off any receptors for learning. When a teacher online asks for volunteers there is a much easier way to hide from being called on because the learning is not taking place in person. Not participating will impede your learning and cause the course to become unimpactful.

4: At-Home Distractions

The most difficult thing about working in an environment which is not specified for a learning purpose is the distractions that come with the environment. Online students are especially susceptible to the distractions that come with other environments. At home it can be easy to be susceptible to distractions such as family, a partner, the television, or other potential distractions. Although these things may be more enjoyable than studying, they will get in the way of being able to complete your assignments or learn effectively.

5: Isolating Yourself when You are Struggling

As an online student it can be easy to feel isolated or alone because you do not have day-to-day in-person interactions with your teachers or professors. It can be extremely easy to forget that your teachers are there to help you when you do not often see them. If you are struggling to understand something or need assistance, it is important to reach out for help from authority figures on the subject just as you would if you were studying in person.

Hopefully by outlining these five common mistakes made by online students, you will be able to make smarter and more informed decisions leading to wiser actions when it comes to online learning. Happy online learning!

About the Author: Elizabeth Hines is an online technology marketer and article writer for OX Essays. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and going to business management courses.

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