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For Windows English Spanish Translation Software and Dictionaries, please go to our products page and select the product you wish to buy. We use PayPal to process credit card transactions (you can purchase even if you don’t have a PayPal account), so the online transaction uses the most secure system there is.

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There are other ways to purchase our software:

• Purchase Order: Send digital PO to [email protected]
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We stopped shipping since 2010. We only offer electronic delivery (download link).

We always allow installation on two computers when the user is the same in both. Please contact us if you wish to install in a second computer so we can enable your license.

In the past we had a deactivation procedure but not anymore. Please contact us when this happens so we can enable your license and you can install without problems in the new computer.


Please copy the activation code from your email and use the paste button within the program to avoid this problem or mistyping it.

We will never make you pay for a license you already own. Please contact us with the order number or email address used when originally purchased and we will send you your activation code again.


The only thing we cannot guarantee with an older version is compatibility with newer operating systems.


First of all: You cannot expect a perfect output, even with our Translator. Machine Translation is one of the most difficult tasks ever assigned to a computer, and results are generally evaluated in percentages, starting out at 10% in some inexpensive (and not so inexpensive) programs, and even in higher-priced software, depending on what you are willing to pay. But even the most expensive programs (US$10,000+) do not achieve 50% in complicated texts. We claim 60% accuracy, provided the input text is grammatically correct and has no spelling mistakes. To increase accuracy, we recommend using our Spell Checker in combination with our Ambiguity Checker.
We have had scientific documents translated with an accuracy of 95%. These texts are usually well-structured, even though they may contain a great number of difficult words – but difficult words are not a problem for our Translator, with its database of almost a million entries.
In any event, our Translator will generally give you the gist of the document even in the worst-case scenarios, and the Spanish recipient will at least be able to understand what is being said.

The Ambiguity Checker will point out the words in your document that can be spelled in a different manner, or with an accent, or with the accent placed in a different position. Those words won’t be detected by any spellchecker because they are not actually misspelled; it’s their meaning that varies when the accent is placed elsewhere. Examples: “Comete” (verb: to commit) vs. “cómete” (verb to eat). Our system is capable of detecting more than 40,000 such misleading words in Spanish.

Note: Available only in the Professional versions
This is a mode of translation unique to Word Magic Software. It allows one to see the English and the Spanish at the same time and to make choices and changes in the translation. Along with the Interpretation feature, one can also see what the Spanish actually says. You may change either a Spanish synonym, or the meaning of the English word, or its part of Speech… or all of them at the same time.

Although the Text-to-Speech feature may pronounce the Spanish Translation with a Mexican accent (this is one of many options), our translations are strictly in non-colloquial Spanish.
Non-Colloquial Spanish is an international type of Spanish. It is understood in Mexico, Central America, South America, and all other Spanish-speaking countries, even in Spain, which speaks in the Castilian “vos” mode. (Habláis castellano o español?) Word Magic offers the choice of shifting to this mode simply by clicking on a button in the conjugator module, as well as in Translator (See Tools | Options | Translation | Addressing | Formal/Informal )
However, we have tried to include a wide variety of colloquial words that are used in different Spanish-speaking countries all over the World. If there are several meanings for the same word, a default has been designated for the most used, non-colloquial meaning, so that the translated text can be understood throughout all Spanish-speaking countries.
You can add colloquial words too! By accessing the Add New Word or Add Translation feature in our Dictionary & Tools, the user can increase the vocabulary by adding new words to the database.