English Spanish Educational Products​

Access to some of the most proactive tools for ESL and SSL in the English-Spanish pair​


Our applications range from English-Spanish translators to dictionaries, containing translation and interactive capabilities fit for (and oriented towards) the study of syntax and grammar, plus idiom and verb phrase usage. They are also very useful for any person who might just need quality translation at a click. We have bundled these in packs for making learning and teaching English and/or Spanish a serious yet fun experience, for both teachers and students. The bundled programs below were arranged with your needs in mind, but don’t hesitate to ask us if you need a custom-made package! You can download any of these packages for a free 7-day trial, at no cost! No credit card required for the trial.


These Packs include the Translator and the Dictionary & Tools, in their professional versions, plus the Images Add-on bonus for each license in the pack. They are great for supplying translation and grammar/syntax capabilities to several teachers, students or even administrative staff at once, with incredible savings. Everyone at your school can be benefited by these license packs!

5-license Pack


10-license Pack


20-license Pack


40-license Pack



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