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From the Spanish verb sostener:
sostén is:
   2nd person singular (tú/usted) Imperative

sos·tén  Masculine - Noun - Singular
Diminutives: sostencillo, sostencillos, sostencito, sostencitos, sostenzuelo, sostenzuelos
Aumentatives: sostenzón, sostenzones, sostenzote, sostenzotes
  1. Translate "sostén" to English: brassiere, bra, lung-hammock
    Spanish Synonyms of "sostén": sujetador, sostén femenino, brasier, corpiño
    Define meaning of "sostén": Sujetador, prenda íntima femenina que ciñe los senos.

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  3. Translate "sostén" to English: prop, support, stay
    Spanish Synonyms of "sostén": soporte, apoyadero, arrimadero, pie de amigo, puntal, punto de apoyo, soporte rígido, arriostramiento
    Define meaning of "sostén": Persona o cosa que ayuda, apoya, soporta o mantiene algo o a alguien. ; Apoyo moral, protección y ayuda.

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  5. Translate "sostén" to English: sole support, family's sole support, sole support of the family

  6. Translate "sostén" to English: mainstay, government mainstay

  7. Translate "sostén" to English: backing
    Define meaning of "sostén": Soporte, apoyo, acción de sostener. ; Apoyo moral, protección y ayuda.

Conceptually-related expressions of "sostén"
sos·te·ner  Verb
  1. Translate "sostener" to English: support, maintain, uphold, bear, bolster, keep up, prop, prop up, steady
    Spanish Synonyms of "sostener": conservar, dar soporte a, mantener, aguantar, dar sostén a, soportar, tener en pie, sustentar
    Define meaning of "sostener": Sustentar(se), mantener(se) firme algo. ; Mantener, apoyar, sujetar, sostener.
  2. La columna sostiene la pared, The column supports the wall.
    TENME para que no me caiga.

  3. Translate "sostener" to English: hold, adduce, argue, maintain, sustain, uphold, contend
    Spanish Synonyms of "sostener": mantener, creer en, abrazar, aducir, alegar, citar como evidencia, proponer evidencia sobre, sustentar
    Define meaning of "sostener": Sustentar, mantener o defender ideas o sentimientos.
  4. Elsa sostiene la verdad, Elsa sustains=adduces the truth.

  5. Translate "sostener" to English: sustain
    Spanish Synonyms of "sostener": dar ayuda a, mantener, sustentar
    Define meaning of "sostener": Prestar apoyo, dar aliento o auxilio. ; Dar a alguien lo necesario para su manutención.
  6. La organización sostiene a Ana, The organization sustains Ann.

  7. Translate "sostener" to English: maintain to
    Spanish Synonyms of "sostener": alegar, mantener, reafirmar, aducir, aseverar
    Define meaning of "sostener": Sustentar, mantener o defender ideas o sentimientos.
  8. Ella sostiene tener crédito, She maintains to have a credit.

  9. Translate "sostener" to English: claim to, hold to
    Spanish Synonyms of "sostener": afirmar, alegar, atribuirse, mantener, predicar, pregonar
    Define meaning of "sostener": Sustentar, mantener o defender ideas o sentimientos.
  10. Ella sostuvo ser la heredera, She claimed to be the heiress.

Verb Conjugation for "sostener"
Gerund: sosteniendo
Past Participle: sostenido
























Conceptually-related expressions of "sostener"
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