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sácala is an enclitic form of Spanish verb sacar
English translation: Take it out

sa·car  Verb
  1. Translate "sacar" to English: take out, bring out, draw, draw out, extract, pull out, push out, fetch out, fish out, get out, have out, lift out, pull up, remove, take outside, whip, whip out, winkle out
    Spanish Synonyms of "sacar": extraer, arrancar, llevar hacia fuera, poner fuera, remover, sacar a la fuerza, extraer a la fuerza, extraer rápidamennte, hacer salir, llevar fuera, poner afuera, mesar
    Define meaning of "sacar": Poner algo fuera del lugar donde estaba metido. ; Quitar, apartar a una persona o cosa del lugar o estado en que se halla.; Extraer de un objeto alguno de los principios o partes que lo componen o constituyen.
  2. Ellos sacaron a los perros, They took out the dogs.

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  3. Translate "sacar" to English: take out, get out, pull out
    Spanish Synonyms of "sacar": sacar fuera

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  5. Translate "sacar" to English: stick out, put out, put out one's, show, stick out one's
    Spanish Synonyms of "sacar": mostrar, colocar a la vista, exponer, presentar, asomar, dar a ver, dejar asomar, enseñar, poner a la vista
    Define meaning of "sacar": Manifestar, declarar. ; Manifestar, descubrir o poner a la vista algo; enseñarlo o señalarlo para ser visto.
  6. Ana saca la lengua, Ann sticks out her tongue.

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  7. Translate "sacar" to English: get
    Spanish Synonyms of "sacar": recibir, llegar, percibir, sacarse
    Define meaning of "sacar": Captar o tomar alguien lo que le dan o envían.
  8. Ella saca provecho, She gets benefits.

  9. Translate "sacar" to English: take out
    Spanish Synonyms of "sacar": sacar a conocer el lugar, sacar a pasear

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  11. Translate "sacar" to English: serve the ball
    Spanish Synonyms of "sacar": hacer el saque, servir
    Define meaning of "sacar": Empezar un deporte, juego o lance determinado poniendo en movimiento el balón.
  12. Juan saca, John serves the ball.

  13. Translate "sacar" to English: be obtained from
    Spanish Synonyms of "sacar": sacarse de, ser obtenido de
  14. Se te saca información, Information is obtained from you.

  15. Translate "sacar" to English: be extracted from, be removed from
    Spanish Synonyms of "sacar": extraerse, sacarse de, ser extraído de, ser removido de, extirpar, remover
  16. Se me sacó una muela, A molar was extracted from me.

  17. Translate "sacar" to English: thrust out, exsert
    Spanish Synonyms of "sacar": hacer sobresalir

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Gerund: sacando
























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