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From the Spanish verb rechazar:
rechazo is:
   1st person singular (yo) Present Indicative

re·cha·zo  Masculine - Noun - Singular
  1. Translate "rechazo" to English: rejection, abstention, nonacceptance, rebuff, refusal, reject, repudiation, thumbs-down, turndown, nix, repulse, shunning, slap in the face
    Spanish Synonyms of "rechazo": desestimación, negativa, repudiación, repudio, repulsión, rechazamiento, reherimiento
    Define meaning of "rechazo": Acción o resultado de rechazar [contradecir o negar lo que otra u otro expresa, no admitir lo que plantea u ofrece]. ; Acción o resultado de rechazar [denegar, no conceder algo que se demanda o solicita].

  2. Translate "rechazo" to English: rejected product, rejected material, cull
    Spanish Synonyms of "rechazo": producto rechazado, desecho

  3. Translate "rechazo" to English: denial
    Spanish Synonyms of "rechazo": contradicción, denegación, desdecimiento, desmentida, desmentido, mentís, negativa
    Define meaning of "rechazo": Refutación, rectificación, hecho de contradecir(se).

  4. Translate "rechazo" to English: cull, animal or animal part removed from a herd due to rejection
    Spanish Synonyms of "rechazo": animal de desecho, animal de rechazo

  5. Translate "rechazo" to English: back stroke
    Spanish Synonyms of "rechazo": onda de retroceso

Conceptually-related expressions of "rechazo"
re·cha·zar  Verb
  1. Translate "rechazar" to English: refuse, decline, disregard, pass up, reject, turn away, turn down, beg off on, brush aside, give someone her running shoes, give someone her walking papers, give someone her walking ticket, give someone his running shoes, give someone his walking papers, give someone his walking ticket, hold off, shun away, thrust aside, turn aside, turn out, turn over, bye, give the air, slip
    Spanish Synonyms of "rechazar": rehusar, declinar, desechar, desestimar, no conceder, declinar a, recusar, retachar
    Define meaning of "rechazar": Contradecir o negar lo que otra u otro expresa, no admitir lo que plantea u ofrece. ; Denegar, no conceder algo que se demanda o solicita.
  2. Ellos rechazan el café, They refuse the coffee.

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  3. Translate "rechazar" to English: reject, beat back, fight off, rebuff, repel, stave off, thrust away, blow off, give the heave-ho, hose, neg, put the freeze on, repulse, shine
    Spanish Synonyms of "rechazar": repeler, rechazar con fuerza, batallar en contra de, defenderse de, hacer retroceder, rechazar bruscamente, rechazar en combate, repeler a golpes, repulsar
    Define meaning of "rechazar": Oponer resistencia un cuerpo a otro, forzándole a retroceder en su curso o movimiento. ; Denegar, no conceder algo que se demanda o solicita.
  4. Ellos rechazan el grano malo, They reject the bad grain.

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  5. Translate "rechazar" to English: refuse to
    Spanish Synonyms of "rechazar": renunciar a, declinar, declinar de, negarse a, no aceptar, no querer, objetar, oponerse a, rehusarse a
    Define meaning of "rechazar": No querer admitir algo, rechazarlo.
  6. Ellos rechazan comprar eso, They refuse to buy that.

  7. Translate "rechazar" to English: turn one's back on
    Spanish Synonyms of "rechazar": dar la espalda a, volver la espalda a, volver las espaldas a
    Define meaning of "rechazar": Contradecir o negar lo que otra u otro expresa, no admitir lo que plantea u ofrece. ; Denegar, no conceder algo que se demanda o solicita.

  8. Translate "rechazar" to English: dishonor, refuse to accept, disavow, repudiate, snub, disaffirm, dismiss, piss on
    Spanish Synonyms of "rechazar": negarse a aceptar, no aceptar, repudiar, desmentir, rehusar, declinar, desconocer, despreciar, retachar
  9. Ellos rechazan el reconocimiento, They dishonor the recognition.

  10. Translate "rechazar" to English: disallow
    Spanish Synonyms of "rechazar": denegar
    Define meaning of "rechazar": Decir que no a lo pretendido o demandado por alguien, no concederlo. ; Prohibir, vedar, impedir, estorbar, obstaculizar.

Verb Conjugation for "rechazar"
Gerund: rechazando
Past Participle: rechazado
























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