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From the Spanish verb pelear:
pelea is:
   3rd person singular (él/ella/ello) Present Indicative

pe·le·a  Feminine - Noun - Singular
Diminutives: peleilla, peleillas, peleita, peleitas
Aumentatives: peleona, peleonas, peleota, peleotas
  1. Translate "pelea" to English: fight, struggle, barney, battle, brawl, bust-up, contest, dust-up, falling-out, fighting, free-for-all, hassle, row, scrambling, scuffle, tiff, wrangle, blow-up, blowoff, blowup, brangle, branigan, brannigan, brusch, dustup, hassel, romp, rumpus, scene, scrap, set-to, shoot-out, turnup
    Spanish Synonyms of "pelea": altercado, contienda, disputa, lucha, pleito, querella, riña
    Define meaning of "pelea": Lucha, disputa, riña, discusión con agresiones, hecho de pelear(se).

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  3. Translate "pelea" to English: combat, armed struggle, engagement
    Spanish Synonyms of "pelea": batalla, combate, disputa armada, lid, lucha armada, refriega
    Define meaning of "pelea": Combate de un ejército o de una armada naval con otro/a; episodio de una guerra.; Acción bélica de enfrentamiento y lucha.; Combate reglado, justa, torneo. ; Lucha entre sentimientos e ideas contrapuestos en el interior de alguien.

Conceptually-related expressions of "pelea"
pe·le·ar  Verb
  1. Translate "pelear" to English: fight, combat, quarrel, engage in a quarrel, feud, make a quarrel, gin, go at it hammer and tongs, go round and round, go to the mat, go toe to toe, lock horns, mix, mix it, mix it up, spat
    Spanish Synonyms of "pelear": forcejar, luchar, altercar, andar a golpes, batirse, entrar en pleito, luchar en contra, medir las armas
    Define meaning of "pelear": Batallar, combatir, guerrear o contender con armas. ; Reprimir, dominar, combatir las pasiones y apetitos.
  2. Ellos pelean sin cesar, They fight endlessly.

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  3. Translate "pelear" to English: fight, strive
    Spanish Synonyms of "pelear": luchar, hacer arduos esfuerzos hacia una meta, esforzarse, afanarse, fajarse, meterse en pleitos
    Define meaning of "pelear": Reprimir, dominar, combatir las pasiones y apetitos. ; Afanarse, trabajar con pasión por conseguir algo.

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  5. Translate "pelear" to English: fight
    Spanish Synonyms of "pelear": oponerse a, combatir, luchar contra
  6. Ellos pelearon la ley injusta, They fought the unfair law.

  7. Translate "pelear" to English: fight with
    Spanish Synonyms of "pelear": liarse con, luchar con, pelear con, pelearse con, fajarse a, fajarse con
  8. Me pelea mi hermano, My brother fights with me.

Verb Conjugation for "pelear"
Gerund: peleando
























Conceptually-related expressions of "pelear"
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