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From the Spanish verb limpiar:
limpio is:
   1st person singular (yo) Present Indicative

lim·pio  Adjective
  1. Translate "limpio" to English: clean, neat, cleanly, clear, tidy
    Spanish Synonyms of "limpio": aseado, antiséptico, aséptico, estéril, esterilizado, libre de gérmenes, nítido
    Define meaning of "limpio": Que no tiene mancha ni suciedad.; Pulcro/a, aseado/a, que tiene buenos hábitos de higiene personal. ; Libre, exento/a de impurezas o infecciones nocivas.

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  3. Translate "limpio" to English: clean, innocent
    Spanish Synonyms of "limpio": inocente, cándido, candoroso, inculpable, no culpable, puro, gil
    Define meaning of "limpio": Libre de culpa. ; Cándido/a, ingenuo/a, sin malicia, fácil de engañar.

  4. Translate "limpio" to English: clean, decent, wholesome
    Spanish Synonyms of "limpio": decente, honrado, sano, bueno, de bien, sin menoscabo
    Define meaning of "limpio": Honrado/a, decente, íntegro/a.

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  6. Translate "limpio" to English: clean, fair, honest
    Spanish Synonyms of "limpio": sincero, honesto
    Define meaning of "limpio": Honrado/a, decente, íntegro/a.
  7. ...elecciones limpias...fair elections

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  8. Translate "limpio" to English: clean, guiltless
    Spanish Synonyms of "limpio": inocente, libre de culpa, sin tacha
    Define meaning of "limpio": Honrado/a, decente, íntegro/a.

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lim·piar  Verb
  1. Translate "limpiar" to English: clean, clean off, cleanse, make clean, clean up, clear up, do out, make clean by removing dirt and filth or unwanted substances, muck out, wipe clean, wipe up, gussy up, mundify
    Spanish Synonyms of "limpiar": asear, dejar limpio, fregar, lavar, desembarrar, desempolvar, despercudir, limpiar completamente, deterger
    Define meaning of "limpiar": Lavar(se), asear(se), quitar(se) la suciedad o inmundicia de personas o cosas.
  2. Ellas limpiaron las ventanas, They cleaned the windows.

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  3. Translate "limpiar" to English: do the cleaning, clean up, brush up, char, clean
    Spanish Synonyms of "limpiar": hacer la limpieza, hacer el aseo, quitar el polvo
    Define meaning of "limpiar": Lavar(se), asear(se), quitar(se) la suciedad o inmundicia de personas o cosas.
  4. Ellas limpiaron ayer, They did the cleaning yesterday.

  5. Translate "limpiar" to English: clear
    Spanish Synonyms of "limpiar": desembarazar, desocupar, despejar, quitar de en medio
    Define meaning of "limpiar": Quitar(se) lo superfluo, imperfecto, defectuoso o molesto.
  6. Ellos limpiaron la calle, They cleared the street.

  7. Translate "limpiar" to English: clean up
    Define meaning of "limpiar": Lavar(se), asear(se), quitar(se) la suciedad o inmundicia de personas o cosas.

  8. Translate "limpiar" to English: steal
    Spanish Synonyms of "limpiar": hurtar, robar, bolsear, cogerse, ratear, robarse, cachar, cacharse
    Define meaning of "limpiar": Sustraer, robar sin violencia bienes ajenos contra la voluntad de su dueño o dueña.

  9. Translate "limpiar" to English: take all the money from, clean out
    Spanish Synonyms of "limpiar": desplumar, dejar limpio, dejar sin nada, robar absolutamente todo a, dejar en pelota
    Define meaning of "limpiar": Limpiar, pelar, desvalijar a alguien, quitar los bienes o dejarle sin dinero.

  10. Translate "limpiar" to English: clear, unblock
    Define meaning of "limpiar": Quitar a los alimentos lo que no es comestible

  11. Translate "limpiar" to English: flush

Verb Conjugation for "limpiar"
Gerund: limpiando
























Conceptually-related expressions of "limpiar"
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