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fres·co  Masculine - Noun - Singular
Plural: frescos
Feminine: fresca
Plural and Feminine: frescas
Diminutives: fresquillo, fresquillos, fresquito, fresquitos
Aumentatives: frescón, frescones, frescote, frescotes
  1. Translate "fresco" to English: cool air
    Spanish Synonyms of "fresco": aire fresco

  2. Translate "fresco" to English: drink, beverage, refreshment, squash
    Spanish Synonyms of "fresco": bebida, refresco, refrigerio, bebestible, fresco natural, refresco natural, priva
    Define meaning of "fresco": Bebida fría o del tiempo generalmente sin alcohol.

  3. Translate "fresco" to English: fresco
    Spanish Synonyms of "fresco": pintura al fresco
    Define meaning of "fresco": Pintura hecha al fresco, es decir, sobre una pared. ; Pintura sobre paredes o techos preparados con una capa de estuco y usando colores disueltos en agua de cal.

  4. Translate "fresco" to English: cheeky devil, brazen-faced fellow, cheeky guy, sassy guy, saucy guy, shameless guy
    Spanish Synonyms of "fresco": descarado, desfachatado, caradura, sinvergüenza, carebarro, vaquetón

fresco  Adjective
  1. Translate "fresco" to English: cool, fresh
    Spanish Synonyms of "fresco": frío, un poco frío
    Define meaning of "fresco": Moderadamente frío/a.

  2. Translate "fresco" to English: fresh, new, recent, newly made
    Spanish Synonyms of "fresco": nuevo, reciente, joven, novel, recién hecho, innovativo, novedoso, palpitante
    Define meaning of "fresco": Referido a un alimento que no está desecado o conservado.

  3. Translate "fresco" to English: insolent, cheeky, impudent, sassy, shameless
    Spanish Synonyms of "fresco": igualado, caradura, descarado, desfachatado, impertinente, impúdico, indecente, ultrajante, carebarro, jeta, jetas
    Define meaning of "fresco": Desvergonzado/a, descarado/a.

  4. Translate "fresco" to English: insolent, cheeky, impudent, unmindful, fresh
    Spanish Synonyms of "fresco": descarado, desfachatado, deslenguado, desmesurado, desvergonzado, insolente, gallito, carebarro
    Define meaning of "fresco": Desvergonzado/a, descarado/a.

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  6. Translate "fresco" to English: carefree, irresponsible, undependable
    Spanish Synonyms of "fresco": descuidado, campante, negligente, inconsciente, fachendoso, lechuga
    Define meaning of "fresco": Negligente, que no cuida suficientemente las cosas. ; Desprevenido/a, sin haber tomado precauciones.

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