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From the Spanish verb despedir:
despido is:
   1st person singular (yo) Present Indicative

des·pi·do  Masculine - Noun - Singular
  1. Translate "despido" to English: layoff, discharge, dismissal, lay-off, removal from office, California kiss-off, hatchet job, kiss-off, New York kiss-off, redundance, redundancy, rif
    Spanish Synonyms of "despido": cesación de trabajo, cese de empleo, despedida de trabajo, despido de personal, despido de un trabajo, despido del trabajo
    Define meaning of "despido": Hecho de despedir o despedirse de un puesto de trabajo, dejar de trabajar en él.

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Conceptually-related expressions of "despido"
des·pe·dir  Verb
  1. Translate "despedir" to English: emit, send forth, cast, discharge, flash, free, give forth, give off, send out, shed, throw off
    Spanish Synonyms of "despedir": emitir, dejar escapar, desprender, dimanar, dirigir emisiones de, emanar, manar
    Define meaning of "despedir": Desprender, soltar, tirar o arrojar algo. ; Salir de un cuerpo u objeto, difundir o esparcir.
  2. Ana despide buenas vibraciones, Ann emits good vibrations.
    El cohete DESPEDÍA chispas.
    El tubo de escape DESPIDE los humos de la combustión.

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  3. Translate "despedir" to English: fire, kick out, lay off, let go, boot, cease, discharge, dismiss, give the ax, give the boot, sack, terminate, turn off, ax, axe, bounce, bump, cashier, disemploy, give chop, give someone her running shoes, give someone her walking papers, give someone her walking ticket, give someone his running shoes, give someone his walking papers, give someone his walking ticket, give the axe, give the fluff, give the foot, give the gate, give the heave-ho, give the hook, give the pink slip, give the sack, kick to the curb, make redundant, send to the flowers
    Spanish Synonyms of "despedir": correr del trabajo, echar, cesantear, cesar, correr, dejar cesante, dejar sin trabajo, desemplear
    Define meaning of "despedir": Echar, decir que alguien se vaya, prescindir de sus servicios.
  4. El jefe despidió a la secretaria, The boss dismissed the secretary.

  5. Translate "despedir" to English: see off
    Spanish Synonyms of "despedir": decir adiós a, despedirse de, ir a despedir a
    Define meaning of "despedir": Hacer compañía durante un tiempo a algún amigo, familiar o huésped que se va o emprende un viaje.

Verb Conjugation for "despedir"
Gerund: despidiendo
Past Participle: despedido
























Conceptually-related expressions of "despedir"
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