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From the Spanish verb aguantar:
aguante is:
   1st person singular (yo) Present Subjunctive

a·guan·te  Masculine - Noun - Singular
  1. Translate "aguante" to English: endurance, resistance, strength, capacity for enduring or sustaining hardship, capacity of a person to overcome adversity, capacity to endure, hardiness, stamina, staying power, abidingness, capacity to withstand, enduringness, guts, resilience, toughness, withstandingness
    Spanish Synonyms of "aguante": paciencia, resistencia, capacidad de la persona de sobreponerse a las adversidades, capacidad de sufrimiento, capacidad para seguir, fuerza para resistir, tesón
    Define meaning of "aguante": Sufrimiento, resistencia, tolerancia, paciencia.; Fortaleza, vigor o capacidad para resistir pesos, impulsos o trabajos.

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aguante  Interjection
  1. Translate "aguante" to English: hold it
    Spanish Synonyms of "aguante": alto, despacito, no te muevas, un momento, aguanta, espera, no se mueva, quédate quieto
    Define meaning of "aguante": ¡Alto! Voz con la cual se ordena a alguien que se detenga.

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a·guan·tar  Verb
  1. Translate "aguantar" to English: endure, bear, tolerate, abide, put up with, sit down under, stand, suffer, take, stick
    Spanish Synonyms of "aguantar": tolerar, resistir, soportar, padecer, sobrellevar, sufrir, aceptar, consentir, admitir, aguantar estoicamente, conllevar
    Define meaning of "aguantar": Soportar, permitir, tolerar a una persona o cosa molesta o desagradable.
  2. Noel aguanta muchas penas, Noel endures many sorrows.

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  3. Translate "aguantar" to English: withstand, uphold, hold, support
    Spanish Synonyms of "aguantar": dar soporte a, sostener, apoyar, dar firmeza a, dar sostén a, respaldar, soportar, sustentar
    Define meaning of "aguantar": Sostener, mantener, sustentar, no dejar caer.
  4. El barrote aguanta el techo, The crosspiece holds the roofing.

  5. Translate "aguantar" to English: hold on, bear, bear up, endure, hang on, hold, hold off, sustain
    Spanish Synonyms of "aguantar": continuar, persistir, soportar, aferrarse, aguantarse, mantenerse, resistir hasta el final
    Define meaning of "aguantar": Perdurar, durar, permanecer.
  6. Ella aguantará porque es fuerte, She will hold on because she is strong.

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  7. Translate "aguantar" to English: tolerate to, bear to, withstand, endure to, suffer to, stand to
    Spanish Synonyms of "aguantar": resistir, soportar, tolerar, aguantar a, mantenerse firme
    Define meaning of "aguantar": Resistir fuerzas, pesos, impulsos o trabajos. ; Soportar, permitir, tolerar a una persona o cosa molesta o desagradable.
  8. Zoe aguanta estudiar de noche, Zoe tolerates to study nights.

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  9. Translate "aguantar" to English: hold
    Spanish Synonyms of "aguantar": refrenar, retener
    Define meaning of "aguantar": Reprimir, acallar o contener.
  10. Aguante su respiración, Hold your breath.

Verb Conjugation for "aguantar"
Gerund: aguantando
Past Participle: aguantado
























Conceptually-related expressions of "aguantar"
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