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From the Spanish verb acomodar:
acomodado is:
   Past Participle

a·co·mo·da·do  Both Genders - Noun - Singular
  1. Translate "acomodado" to English: person having friends in high places, person who knows the right people, person with good contacts
    Spanish Synonyms of "acomodado": persona con influencias, persona con palancas

acomodado  Adjective
  1. Translate "acomodado" to English: well-to-do, wealthy, well-off, on easy street, solvent, in easy circumstances
    Spanish Synonyms of "acomodado": acaudalado, bien posicionado económicamente, bien acomodado, cómodo, de recursos, bien forrado
    Define meaning of "acomodado": Rica o rico, opulento u opulenta, que se encuentra en buena situación social, posee abundantes medios o tiene los suficientes.

  2. Translate "acomodado" to English: placed, seated
    Spanish Synonyms of "acomodado": sentado, colocado, sedente

  3. Translate "acomodado" to English: suitable, fit, fitted
    Spanish Synonyms of "acomodado": adaptable, adecuado, apropiado, conveniente, utilizable, a propósito, aparejado, aplicable, bueno
    Define meaning of "acomodado": Capaz de ser adaptada o adaptado, acomodado o acomodada a otra cosa o situación.

  4. Translate "acomodado" to English: hand-placed, hand-placed in a rockfill

Conceptually-related expressions of "acomodado"
a·co·mo·dar  Verb
  1. Translate "acomodar" to English: accommodate, adapt, put in order, find room for, fit, fix up, place in order, put in its place
    Spanish Synonyms of "acomodar": adaptar, ajustar, poner en orden, preparar, adecuar, arreglar, reubicar
    Define meaning of "acomodar": Colocar algo de forma que se ajuste, cuadre o adapte a otra. ; Disponer, adecuar, preparar o arreglar de forma conveniente. ; Amoldar, adecuar, armonizar o ajustar a una norma o precepto.
  2. Ana acomoda el cuarto a diario, Ann accommodates the bedroom daily.

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  3. Translate "acomodar" to English: give accommodation for, make room for, provide accommodation for
    Spanish Synonyms of "acomodar": alojar, dar cabida a, dar espacio a, dar espacio para, dar lugar a, dejar campo para, dejar sitio para, tener sitio para
    Define meaning of "acomodar": Colocar o poner en un lugar adecuado, conveniente o cómodo.
  4. El hotel acomoda a excursiones, The hotel gives accommodation for tours.

  5. Translate "acomodar" to English: seat, sit
    Spanish Synonyms of "acomodar": tener cabida para, tener sitio para
  6. El teatro acomoda a mil personas, The theater seats a thousand people.

  7. Translate "acomodar" to English: reconcile, come to terms with

Verb Conjugation for "acomodar"
Gerund: acomodando
Past Participle: acomodado
























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