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while  Noun
Plural: whiles
  1. Translate "while" to Spanish: rato, corto tiempo
    English Synonyms of "while": moment, short period of time, short time, bit, relatively short period of time
    Define meaning of "while": A period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition.
  2. He was here for a little while.
    I need to rest for a piece.
    A spell of good weather.
    A patch of bad weather.

while  Conjunction
  1. Translate "while" to Spanish: mientras, aun mientras, mientras tanto, mientras todavía, entre que
    English Synonyms of "while": even while, as long as, for as long as, just as long as, whilst

  2. Translate "while" to Spanish: mientras, mientras que, a la vez que, al paso que, al tanto que, al tiempo que, aun cuando, con tanto que, cuando, en tanto que, mientras que al contrario, mientras tanto que
    English Synonyms of "while": when, whereas, if, provided that, as, at the rate that, at the same time as, at the same time that, at the tempo that, in so far as, in so much as, while on the contrary
    Define meaning of "while": As soon as.

Conceptually-related expressions of "while"
a good while
a good while ago
a great while
a little while
a little while after
a little while afterwards
a little while ago
a little while later
a little while later than
a long while
a long while ago
a nice while
a short while
a short while ago
a small while
a very short while ago
a while
a while after
a while ago
a while back
a while before
a while later
act or habit of talking while asleep
after a little while
after a long while
after a short while
after a while
after a while of
after considering it for a while
all the while
all while long
antiphonal song done while marching
be a little while ago
be worth the while
be worth the while to
belt out while speaking
between whiles
chant done while marching
detective wearing ordinary civilian clothes while on duty
do-while loop
drive while intoxicated
driving while black
driving while intoxicated
during the whole while
even while
every little while
every once in a while
excessive gesticulation while speaking
for a long while
for a very long while
for a while
go out and have fun for a while
good while
have been a long while since
have been for quite a while at
have been for quite a while in
have been quite a long while since
have fun for a while
have fun for while
how about while
in a little while
in a short while
in a very short while
in a while
it has been a little while ago since
it has been a little while ago that
it has been a short while ago since
it has been a short while ago that
it has been a while ago that
it has been a while since
it has been quite a while since
it's been a long while
it's been a such long while
just a while
just a while ago
key that makes a character appear repeatedly while pressed
last a long while
last a short while
long rope used to lead a horse while training it
long while
make a sudden dash in public while naked
make into a fine paste by grinding while moist
morbid fear of falling while walking
once in a while
overflow while boiling
person who talks while asleep
place where police officers sleep while on duty
quite a while
quite a while after
quite a while afterwards
quite a while ago
short while
small area missed while painting
small cap worn to protect the finger while sewing
spend a little while with
spend a while with
stay for a longer while
stay for a while
step out for a short while
take it easy for while
take someone's partner away while dancing
television programs that teach while entertaining
that was a long while ago
the entire while
the mirth of the world lasts but a while
the while
the whole while
tiltable board which raises the feet high while doing excercise
tool for opening the strands of a rope while splicing
travel around once in a while
vacillate while talking
wait a while
walking while asleep
what about while
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