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very  Adjective
  1. Translate "very" to Spanish: mero, propio
    English Synonyms of "very": same, merest, pure, self-same, selfsame, very same, mere, mear
    Define meaning of "very": Used to give emphasis. ; Used to give emphasis to the relevance of the thing modified. ; Precisely as stated. ; Being the exact same one; not any other:.
  2. The very essence of artistic expression is invention.
    Rving R. Kaufman;.
    Very back of the room.
    His very name struck terror.
    Caught in the very act.
    The very center of town.
    This is the identical room we stayed in before.
    The themes of his stories are one and the same.
    Saw the selfsame quotation in two newspapers.
    On this very spot.
    The very thing he said yesterday.

  3. Translate "very" to Spanish: solo
    English Synonyms of "very": merest, only

very  Adverb
  1. Translate "very" to Spanish: muy, bien, a cual más, ciento por ciento, eminentemente, en grado superlativo, muy a lo, sobremanera, terriblemente, tremendamente, asaz, la hostia de, requete, requete-
    English Synonyms of "very": much, damn, damned, darned, extremely, bleeding, bloody, blooming, ever so
    Define meaning of "very": Used as intensifiers; 'real' is sometimes used informally for 'really'; 'rattling' is informal.
  2. They are very diligent students, Son estudiantes a cual más esforzados.
    She was very gifted.
    He played very well.
    A really enjoyable evening.
    I'm real sorry about it.
    A rattling good yarn.

Conceptually-related expressions of "very"
act or process of making something very tiny
all by one's very self
and very accurately
anything done very hastily
anything taken very hastily
arrive very late
at that very minute
at that very moment
at the very beginning
at the very bottom
at the very center
at the very edge
at the very edge of
at the very end
at the very last
at the very latest
at the very least
at the very moment
at the very moment of
at the very most
at the very outside
at the very thought of it
at the very top
at this very moment
be about the very best
be at one's very best
be coming on very well
be frightened very much
be getting along very well
be in very close competition until the very end
be not very
be not very attractive
be not very bright
be not very fond of
be not very good
be not very manly
be not very smart
be raining very hard
be the very best
be the very image of
be up very early
be very
be very adaptable
be very admiring of
be very afraid
be very alert
be very angry
be very anxious
be very apprehensive
be very astonished
be very astute
be very attractive
be very bad
be very bored
be very bright
be very busy
be very busy with
be very careful
be very cheap
be very chilly
be very civil of
be very clever
be very close
be very cold
be very comfortable
be very common
be very complex
be very complicated
be very conspicuous
be very convoluted
be very cool
be very courageous
be very crafty
be very credulous
be very cunning
be very dear and near
be very demanding
be very depressed
be very different
be very difficult
be very dirty
be very drunk
be very dull
be very dumb
be very early
be very easy
be very economical
be very effective
be very efficient
be very elegant
be very eloquent
be very enthusiastic
be very exact
be very excited
be very expensive
be very famous
be very far
be very far from
be very fat
be very fit
be very forgetful
be very frightened
be very funny
be very generouus
be very good
be very handy
be very happy
be very hard
be very hardworking
be very healthy
be very heavy
be very high
be very honest
be very hot
be very hungry
be very idle
be very ignorant
be very ill
be very impatient
be very important
be very improbable
be very influential
be very insignificant
be very intelligent
be very keen
be very kind
be very ladylike
be very large
be very late
be very lazy
be very lengthy
be very lenient
be very like
be very likely
be very lively
be very lustful
be very mad
be very manly
be very mendacious
be very meticulous
be very muddy
be very near
be very neat
be very nervous
be very nice
be very nice of
be very noisy
be very obstinate
be very obvious
be very old
be very ordinary
be very patient
be very pleasant
be very poor
be very proud of
be very resourceful
be very rich
be very sad
be very satisfying
be very scarce
be very scared
be very scrupulous
be very severe with
be very sharp
be very shrewd
be very simple
be very skillful
be very skinny
be very sleepy
be very smart
be very sneaky
be very sophisticated
be very sore
be very strict
be very strong
be very stupid
be very successful
be very talkative
be very tasty
be very thin
be very thirsty
be very thrifty
be very tired
be very tolerant
be very tricky
be very ugly
be very unclear
be very uneasy
be very uninteresting
be very unlikely
be very unlucky
be very unstable
be very useful
be very weak
be very well
be very windy
be very witty
be very worried
be very wrong
become very angry
become very deteriorated
become very distraught
become very excited
become very fond of
become very friendly
become very frightened
become very furious
become very high and mighty
become very irrational
become very romantic
become very tense
become very upset
before her very eyes
before my very eyes
before our very eyes
before their very eyes
before very long
before your very eyes
begin at the very beginning
begin at the very start
behave very badly towards
behave very energetically and aggressively
behave very strangely
believe very little of
blush very easily
business place that is not very remunerative
buy very cheap
care very little
carry very clearly
choose very carefully
close very well
come off very well
confront for a media interview on the very doorstep
consider the very best
convict and imprison very rapidly
cook very well
cost very little
cut very short
demand very much
desire very much
desire very strongly
develop very slowly
dislike very much
do something very thoroughly
do very badly
do very easily
do very well
down the very bottom
down the very bottom of
drink very quickly
drive very fast
eat very heartily
eat very little
emerge very successfully
enjoy very much
fare very well
feel very deeply
feel very good
feel very guilty
feel very happy
feel very hot
feel very hungry
feeling very cold
feeling very hot
fit very tight
fly very fast
for that very cause
for that very reason
frighten very much
from that very cause
from that very reason
from the very beginning
from the very first
from the very onset
from the very outset
from the very root
from the very start
from this very place
get along very bad
get along very badly
get along very well
get on very well
get rid of someone very quickly
get rid of something very quickly
get this very clear
get up very late
get very angry
get very angry with
get very drunk
get very far
get very frightened
get very nervous with
get very rough
get very sick
get very strict
get very upset
go very cautiously
go very fast
go very well
grow very fast
grow very old
hail very hard
hate very much
have very little
have very little of
hide very carefully
hit the very bottom
hit very hard
hold very still
how very little
I'm very sorry
I was very sorry
illness which is not very serious
in front of her very face
in front of my very face
in front of our very face
in front of our very noses
in front of their very face
in front of their very noses
in front of your very face
in the very act
in the very center
in the very fact
in the very middle
in the very moment
in those very words
it's not very extraordinary
it's very cold
it's very common
it's very hot
it's very simple
it's very unlikely
it was very easy
know so very little
know very little of
know very well
last very little
leave very weak
let it be said very clearly
let it be understood very clearly
like very much
listen very carefully
live very well
look very alike
look very beautiful
look very good
look very handsome
look very nice
look very similar
look very well
make very angry
make very clear
matter not very much
move very slowly
no thank you very much
not quite but very nearly
not very
not very clear
not very concise
not very fast
not very flexible
not very frequently
not very generous
not very much
not very often
not very outstanding
not very probable
not very profitable
not very prominent
not very promising
not very seriously
not very sharp
not very smart
not very solidary
not very tall
on that very account
on the very ground
overtake very quickly
performing very well
person who drives very fast
pitch one's aims very high
play very well
playing very well
plough very superficially
practiced very much
practised very much
proceed very slowly
prosper very much
put oneself across very well
rain very hard
rank very high
reach the very limit
rebuke and berate very severely
regret very much
remain very quiet
resemble very little
resemble very much
return to the very beginning
right from the very beginning
right from the very start
right in front of our very noses
right in front of their very noses
right this very minute
seem very harmless
seem very like
select very carefully
sell very cheap
set one's sights very high
sleep very soundly
smell very bad
so very
so very alike
so very much
so very well
someone very impressive
someone very nasty
something acquired very easily
something done very easily
something very amusing
something very confused
something very dangerous
something very desirable
something very disturbing
something very easy
something very exciting
something very funny
something very good
something very important
something very impressive
something very inadvisable
something very nasty
something very pleasurable
something very powerful
something very simple
something very strange
something which moves very fast
somewhere very remote
speak very badly of
state very precisely
stock up very well
strike very hard
succeed very well
talk very subtly
tall and not very shapely
thank you all so very much
thank you so very much
thank you very much
thanks very much
that from the very moment
that very day
that very much
that very thing
the very
the very beginning
the very best
the very fact
the very idea
the very idea of it
the very moment
the very one
the very opposite
the very opposite of
the very same
the very start
the very thought of it
the very worst
things became very dangerous
think the very best
think very high of oneself
think very highly of
think very little of
this very day
this very instant
this very minute
this very moment
this very night
this very second
time goes by very quickly
to the very end
to the very end of
to the very top
to this very day
toil very hard
travel very fast
treat very badly
treat very coldly
treat very formally
treat very roughly
try very hard
understand very clearly
understand very well
until that very moment
until very recently
up the very top
up to the very top of
up to this very day
very, very old
very very few
wake up very late
walk very slowly
what makes something very nasty
while very rare
why the very idea
work very hard
work very rapidly
you're very kind
young although very prepared
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