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veins is the plural of vein


About Plural and Feminine

Plural is a grammatical number, typically referring to more than one of the referent in the real world. In the English language, singular and plural are the only grammatical numbers.
Examples of plural forms: car - cars, boat - boats, house - houses, friend - friends.

vein  Noun
  1. Translate "vein" to Spanish: vena
    English Synonyms of "vein": blood vein, sewer
    Define meaning of "vein": A blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart; all veins except the pulmonary carry unaerated blood.

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  3. Translate "vein" to Spanish: veta, banda diferenciada de color
    English Synonyms of "vein": streak, strip of different shade, strip of different color, strip of different colour
    Define meaning of "vein": A marking of a different color or texture from the background.

  4. Translate "vein" to Spanish: filón, depósito, vena, veta, yacimiento de mineral, clavo, manta, manto
    English Synonyms of "vein": lode, mineral bed, seam, reef, bed, deposit, mineral vein, stratum, string, streak
    Define meaning of "vein": A layer of ore between layers of rock.

  5. Translate "vein" to Spanish: vena
    English Synonyms of "vein": pervading character

  6. Translate "vein" to Spanish: vena de agua, canal de agua subterráneo
    English Synonyms of "vein": underground water channel

  7. Translate "vein" to Spanish: nerviación
    English Synonyms of "vein": ligaments, nervation
    Define meaning of "vein": One of the horny ribs that stiffen and support the wing of an insect. ; Any of the vascular bundles or ribs that form the branching framework of conducting and supporting tissues in a leaf or other plant organ.

Conceptually-related expressions of "veins"
abdominal subcutaneous vein
accessory cephalic vein
accessory hemiazygos vein
accessory lingual vein
accessory saphenous vein
accessory vertebral vein
accompanying vein
acromial branch of the thoracoacromial vein
acromiothoracic vein
adrenal vein
afferent vein
allantoic vein
anastomotic network of small veins
anastomotic vein
angular vein
anonymous vein
anonymous veins
antebrachial medial vein
anterior auricular vein
anterior cardiac vein
anterior cardinal vein
anterior cerebral vein
anterior diploic vein
anterior facial vein
anterior intercostal vein
anterior interosseous vein
anterior interventricular vein
anterior jugular vein
anterior labial vein
anterior pontomesencephalic vein
anterior scrotal vein
anterior septal vein
anterior spinal vein
anterior temporal diploic vein
anterior terminal vein
anterior tibial vein
anterior vertebral vein
appendicular vein
aqueous vein
aqueous veins
arciform vein
arcuate veins
arterial vein
articular vein
ascending lumbar vein
auditory veins
auricular vein
axillary vein
azygos vein
azygos vein principle
azygous vein
basal vein
basal vein of Rosenthal
basilic vein
basivertebral vein
Baumgarten's vein
beet necrotic yellow vein virus
beside a vein
blood vein
blue veiner
brachial vein
brachiocephalic vein
brachiocephalic veins
branch to the paraumbilical vein
Breschet's vein
Breschet's veins
broken veins
bronchial vein
Browning's vein
buccal vein
bulb of jugular vein
bulging vein
Burow's vein
capillary vein
cardiac vein
cardiac veins
cardinal vein
caudate vein
central hepatic vein
central retinal vein
central vein
cephalic vein
cerebellar vein
cerebral vein
cervical vein
choroid vein
ciliary vein
circumflex vein
clitoria yellow vein tymovirus
clover yellow vein polyvirus
colic vein
common basal vein
common cardinal vein
common facial vein
common iliac vein
common iliac veins
communicating vessel with the anterior jugular vein
companion vein
concomitant vein
condylar emissary vein
condyloid emissary vein
conjunctival vein
coronary vein
coronary vein graft
costoaxillary vein
cut made into a vein
cutaneous branch of the posterior humeral circumflex vein
cutaneous vein
Cuvier's vein
cystic vein
deep cerebral vein
deep cervical vein
deep cervical veins
deep circumflex iliac vein
deep facial vein
deep femoral vein
deep iliac circumflex vein
deep lingual vein
deep medial cerebral vein
deep middle cerebral vein
deep temporal vein
deep vein
deep vein thrombosis
digital palmar vein
digital vein
diploic vein
direct lateral vein
dorsal callosal vein
dorsal digital vein
dorsal interosseous metacarpal vein
dorsal lingual vein
dorsal metacarpal vein
dorsal metatarsal vein
dorsal metatarsian vein
dorsal scapular vein
dorsispinal vein
drip that goes into a vein
emissary vein
emissary veins
emulgent vein
episcleral vein
esophageal vein
ethmoidal vein
excavation in steps made by the mining of ore from inclined or vertical veins
external carotid vein
external iliac vein
external jugular vein
external mammary vein
external nasal vein
external palatine vein
external pudendal vein
external saphenous vein
facial vein
femoral vein
fetal left umbilical vein
fibular vein
floor of a vein
frontal branch of the superficial temporal vein
frontal diploic vein
frontal vein
Galen's vein
Galeno's cerebral vein
Galeno's vein
Gartner's vein phenomenon
gastric vein
gastroepiploic vein
genicular vein
genicular veins
gluteal vein
gold vein
great cardiac vein
great cerebral vein
great saphenous vein
great veins
greater cardiac vein
greater saphenous vein
hardening of the veins
have no blood in one's veins
hemiazygos vein
hemiazygous vein
hemorrhoidal vein
hepatic portal vein
hepatic vein
hepatic vein catheterization
hepatic veins
highest intercostal vein
highest intercostal veins
hypogastric vein
hypophyseoportal veins
ileal vein
ileocolic vein
iliac vein
iliolumbar vein
in the same vein
inferior alveolar vein
inferior anastomotic vein
inferior basal vein
inferior bulb of jugular vein
inferior cardiac vein
inferior cerebellar vein
inferior cerebral vein
inferior choroid vein
inferior choroidal vein
inferior diaphragmatic vein
inferior epigastric vein
inferior gluteal vein
inferior hemorrhoidal vein
inferior labial vein
inferior laryngeal vein
inferior mesenteric vein
inferior ophthalmic vein
inferior palpebral vein
inferior pancreaticoduodenal vein
inferior phrenic vein
inferior pulmonary vein
inferior rectal vein
inferior thalamostriate vein
inferior thyroid vein
inferior ventricular vein
infraorbital vein
infrasegmental vein
inguinal vein
innominate cardiac vein
innominate vein
intercapital vein
intercapitular vein
intercostal vein
interior phrenic vein
intermediate antebrachial vein
intermediate basilic vein
intermediate cephalic vein
intermediate cubital vein
internal auditory vein
internal cerebral vein
internal cerebral veins
internal iliac vein
internal jugular vein
internal mammary vein
internal phrenic vein
internal pudendal vein
internal saphenous vein
internal thoracic vein
intersegmental vein
intervertebral vein
intrasegmental vein
jab a vein
jejunal and ileal vein
jejunal vein
jugular vein
Kohlrausch's vein
Krukenberg's vein
Labbé's vein
labial vein
labyrinthine vein
lacrimal vein
large saphenous vein
large vein
laryngeal vein
Latarjet's vein
lateral atrial vein
lateral circumflex femoral vein
lateral direct vein
lateral sacral vein
lateral thoracic vein
leaf having a single unbranched vein
leaf vein
least cardiac vein
left adrenal vein
left azygos vein
left brachiocephalic vein
left colic vein
left coronary vein
left external iliac vein
left gastric vein
left gastroepiploic vein
left gastroomental vein
left hepatic vein
left hypogastric vein
left inferior gluteal vein
left inferior pulmonary vein
left innominate vein
left internal iliac vein
left internal jugular vein
left internal pudendal vein
left internal thoracic vein
left lumbar vein
left medial rectal vein
left obturator vein
left ovarian vein
left pulmonary vein
left superior intercostal vein
left superior pulmonary vein
left superior vesical vein
left suprarenal vein
left testicular vein
left umbilical vein
left uterine vein
lesser cardiac vein
lesser saphenous vein
lesser superior azygos vein
levoatrio-cardinal vein
lienal vein
lingual vein
liver vein
long saphenous vein
long thoracic vein
loose the effect of a narcotic injection by missing the vein
lumbar vein
lumbar veins
lymph node of arch of azygos vein
magna cerebral vein
major cardiac vein
major saphenous vein
Marshall's oblique vein
Marshall's vein
masseteric vein
mastoid emissary vein
maxillary vein
Mayo's vein
mayor saphenous vein
medial antebrachial vein
medial atrial vein
medial basilic vein
medial cephalic vein
medial circumflex femoral vein
medial circumflex femoral veins
medial colic vein
medial rectal vein
medial sacral vein
medial temporal vein
medial thyroid vein
median antebrachial vein
median basilic vein
median cephalic vein
median cubital vein
median sacral vein
median vein
mediastinal vein
medium vein
meningeal vein
mental vein
mesencephalic vein
mesenteric vein
metacarpian vein
middle cardiac vein
middle cerebral vein
middle colic vein
middle hemorrhoidal vein
middle hepatic vein
middle meningeal vein
middle rectal vein
middle sacral vein
middle temporal vein
middle thyroid vein
middle vein
mineral vein
minor saphenous vein
muscular vein
musculophrenic vein
muskmelon vein necrosis claravirus
nasofrontal vein
next to a vein
nothing in the same vein
obturator vein
obturator veins
occipital diploic vein
occipital emissary vein
occipital vein
occipital vein diploic
oesophageal vein
omphalomesenteric vein
opening of pulmonary vein
opening of pulmonary veins
ophthalmic vein
ophthalmomeningeal vein
ovarian vein
palatine vein
palmar digital vein
palmar metacarpal vein
palmar vein
palpebral vein
pancreatic vein
pancreático-duodenal vein
pancreaticoduodenal vein
paraumbilical vein
parietal branch of the superficial temporal vein
parietal emissary vein
parietal vein
parietal vein of Santorini
parotid vein
parotid veins
pectoral vein
peduncular vein
perforating vein
pericardiac vein
pericardiacophrenic vein
pericardial vein
peroneal vein
petrosal vein
pharyngeal vein
phrenic vein
plant's vein
plantar digital vein
plantar metatarsal vein
pontine vein
popliteal vein
portal vein
postcardinal vein
posterior anterior jugular vein
posterior auricular vein
posterior cardinal vein
posterior diploic vein
posterior facial vein
posterior intercostal vein
posterior interosseous vein
posterior interventricular vein
posterior labial vein
posterior marginal vein
posterior parotid vein
posterior pericallosal vein
posterior scrotal vein
posterior spinal vein
posterior superior alveolar vein
posterior temporal diploic vein
posterior terminal vein
posterior tibial vein
precardinal vein
precentral cerebellar vein
prefrontal vein
prepyloric vein
pubic branch of the inferior epigastric vein
pudendal vein
pulmonary vein
pulmonary veins
pulp vein
pulp veins
pyloric vein
radial vein
ranine vein
related to both an artery and a vein
relating to the anterior cardinal veins
relating to the posterior cardinal veins
removal of blood from an artery or vein
renal vein
retromandibular vein
Retzius' vein
right adrenal vein
right brachiocephalic vein
right colic vein
right coronary vein
right external iliac vein
right external jugular vein
right gastric vein
right gastroepiploic vein
right gastroomental vein
right hepatic vein
right hypogastric vein
right inferior gluteal vein
right inferior pulmonary vein
right innominate vein
right internal iliac vein
right internal pudendal vein
right lumbar vein
right marginal vein
right medial rectal vein
right obturator vein
right ovarian vein
right ovarian vein syndrome
right pericardiophrenic vein
right pulmonary vein
right subclavian vein
right superior intercostal vein
right superior pulmonary vein
right superior vesical vein
right suprarenal vein
right testicular vein
right uterine vein
Rosenthal's vein
Rosenthal vein
Ruysch's vein
sacral vein
saphenous vein
scalp vein needle
scleral vein
scrotal vein
short gastric vein
short saphenous vein
sigmoid vein
skin vein
small cardiac vein
small jugular vein
small saphenous vein
small vein
smallest cardiac vein
sowthistle yellow vein rhabdovirus
spermatic vein
splenic vein
stellate vein
Stensen's vein
sternocleidomastoid vein
striate vein
study of veins
stylomastoid vein
subclavian vein
sublingual vein
sublobular vein
submental vein
superficial cerebral vein
superficial cervical vein
superficial circumflex iliac vein
superficial epigastric vein
superficial external pudendal vein
superficial iliac circumflex vein
superficial medial cerebral vein
superficial middle cerebral vein
superficial temporal vein
superficial vein
superior anastomotic vein
superior basal vein
superior cerebellar vein
superior cerebral vein
superior cerebral veins
superior choroid vein
superior choroidal vein
superior diaphragmatic vein
superior epigastric vein
superior gluteal vein
superior hemorrhoidal vein
superior labial vein
superior laryngeal vein
superior mesenteric vein
superior ophthalmic vein
superior palatine vein
superior palpebral vein
superior phrenic vein
superior pulmonary vein
superior rectal vein
superior thalamostriate vein
superior thyroid vein
supracardinal vein
supraorbital vein
suprarenal vein
suprascapular vein
supratrochlear vein
supreme intercostal vein
surface thalamic vein
swelling of a vein
sylvian vein
system of arteries and veins
systemic vein
temporal diploic vein
temporal superficial vein
temporal vein
temporomandibular vein
temporomaxillary vein
terminal vein
testicular vein
thalamostriate vein
thebesian vein
thoracic vein
thoraco-epigastric vein
thoracoacromial vein
thoracodorsal vein
thoracoepigastric vein
thorax-epigastric vein
thymic vein
thyroid vein
trabecular vein
tracheal vein
transverse cervical vein
transverse facial vein
transverse scapular vein
tributary of the deep iliac circumflex vein
tributary of the internal thoracic vein
Trolard's vein
twin vein
tympanic vein
ulnar cutaneous vein
ulnar vein
umbilical vein
uterine vein
valve of veins
varicose vein
varicose veins
venous network on the dorsum of the foot that leads to the internal and external saphenous veins
vertebral vein
vesalian vein
Vesalius' vein
Vesalius vein
vesical vein
vestibular vein
vidian vein
Vieussens' vein
vitelline vein
vortex vein
vorticose vein
wedged hepatic vein pressure
which has leaves with a single unbranched vein
which lacks veins
with veins
within a vein
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