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temperature  Noun
Plural: temperatures
  1. Translate "temperature" to Spanish: fiebre, calentura, temperatura
    English Synonyms of "temperature": fever, high fever, high temperature, fever heat, pyrexia, calenture, calor febrilis, cauma, febris
    Define meaning of "temperature": A rise in the temperature of the body; frequently a symptom of infection.

  2. Translate "temperature" to Spanish: temperatura, calor
    English Synonyms of "temperature": warmth, heat
    Define meaning of "temperature": The degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment (corresponding to its molecular activity). ; The somatic sensation of cold or heat.

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Conceptually-related expressions of "temperature"
abs temperature
absolute temperature
absolute temperature scale
affective temperature
afternoon temperature
air temperature
ambient temperature
antenna equivalent temperature
apparent sky temperature
ascending air current sucked by a difference in atmospheric pressures and temperatures
at room temperature
axillary temperature
background noise temperature
basal body temperature
basal temperature
basal temperature chart
body temperature
body temperature regulation
boiling temperature
borehole temperature
breaking temperature
carrier-to-noise temperature ratio
Celsius temperature scale
centigrade temperature scale
clear sky-noise temperature
concocting temperature
cooking temperature
core temperature
critical temperature
degree of temperature
denaturation temperature of DNA
dew point temperature
diurnal temperature
drying temperature
effective sky-noise temperature
effective temperature
effective temperature index
electron temperature
environmental temperature
equivalent noise temperature
equivalent temperature
eutectic temperature
Fahrenheit temperature scale
fog composed of small ice crystals formed in the air in extremely cold temperatures
force into a metallic mold under hydraulic pressure and high temperature
fusion temperature
genus of pathogenic fungi growing as mycelial forms at room temperature
ground temperature
have a temperature
have a warm temperature
high risk for altered body temperature
high temperature
high temperature dryer
high temperature drying
high-temperature solder
high temperature strength
horizontal movement of an air mass which causes temperature changes
induced by temperature variations
internal body temperature
Kelvin temperature scale
kinetic temperature
light downslope wind caused by cooling temperatures
limiting temperature
line on a weather map connecting places having the same winter temperature
low temperature
low-temperature breakdown
low temperature drying
low-temperature physics
low-temperature thermometer
maximum temperature
mean radiating temperature
mean temperature
melting temperature
melting temperature of DNA
midpoint temperature
minimum temperature
mixture temperature
moderate the temperature of
morbid fear of cold temperatures
movement or repositioning of plant organs in response to a change in the temperature
nice temperature
night temperature
nocturnal temperature
noise-equivalent temperature
noise temperature
normal temperature
of high body temperature
of very low temperatures
oil-temperature indicator
operating temperature
operational noise temperature
optimum temperature
power density with respect to temperature
quantum noise temperature
raise in silage temperature
raise the temperature of
Rankine temperature scale
receiver noise temperature
receiving system noise temperature
rectal temperature
resistance temperature coefficient
return to normal body temperature
room temperature
root zone temperature
run a temperature
saturation temperature
self-ignition temperature
serve at ambient temperature
serve at room temperature
skin temperature
sky contribution to antenna noise temperature
sky noise temperature
soil temperature
standard temperature
steam temperature
study of the production of extremely low temperature
subject to high temperatures
subjection of organic matter to very high temperatures
subnormal temperature
surface temperature
therapeutic temperature
thermal noise temperature
thermodynamic temperature
thermometer consisting of a clock mechanism whose speed is a function of temperature
thin layer within a large body of water that sharply separates zones differing in temperature
thin layer within a the atmosphere that sharply separates zones differing in temperature
treatment of disease with cold temperatures
tympanic temperature
ultra high temperature treatment
vapor temperature
vapour temperature
vertical profile of temperature
warm dry wind that blows down the east of the Rocky Mountains causing a rise in temperature
water temperature
water temperature indicator
waveguide temperature
which has an equally low temperature
which pertains to both moisture and temperature
working temperature
yield temperature
zenith noise temperature
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