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strength  Noun
Plural: strengths
  1. Translate "strength" to Spanish: fuerza, aliento, brío, energías, fortaleza, poder, potencia, fibra, fortitud, fuerzas, impetuosidad, pujanza, tono, vigor, vigorosidad, enjundia, galleta, ímpetu, ñeque, reciedumbre, reciura
    English Synonyms of "strength": encouragement, breath, heart, spirit, zest, hardihood, heartening, vigor, vigour, sollicker
    Define meaning of "strength": The property of being physically or mentally strong. ; Physical energy or intensity. ; The amount of energy transmitted (as by acoustic or electromagnetic radiation).
  2. Fatigue sapped his strength.
    He hit with all the force he could muster.
    It was destroyed by the strength of the gale.
    A government has not the vitality and forcefulness of a living man.
    He adjusted the intensity of the sound.
    They measured the station's signal strength.

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  3. Translate "strength" to Spanish: resistencia, aguante
    English Synonyms of "strength": resistance, endurance, backbone, capacity for enduring or sustaining hardship, capacity of a person to overcome adversity, capacity to endure, hardiness, stamina, staying power, guts
    Define meaning of "strength": Permanence by virtue of the power to resist stress or force.
  4. They advertised the durability of their products.

  5. Translate "strength" to Spanish: validez, vigencia
    English Synonyms of "strength": authenticity, force, legality, soundness, validity, tenability, validness
    Define meaning of "strength": Undisputed credibility.

  6. Translate "strength" to Spanish: presencia de ánimo
    English Synonyms of "strength": courage, good spirit, presence of mind
    Define meaning of "strength": The property of being physically or mentally strong.
  7. Fatigue sapped his strength.

  8. Translate "strength" to Spanish: punto fuerte
    English Synonyms of "strength": asset, good point

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  10. Translate "strength" to Spanish: intensidad

Conceptually-related expressions of "strength"
act of regaining health and strength
agent that gives strength
alcohol strength
alcoholic strength
analog field strength recording
associative strength
at full strength
average field strength
average field strength level
bargaining strength
basic field strength measurement
be present in great strength
bending strength
beyond strength
biting strength
bodily strength
bond strength
bone strength
breaking strength
build up one's strength
build up strength
by sheer strength
charging current strength
cleavage strength
collapsing strength
competitive strength
compression strength
compressive strength
contour of constant field strength
creep strength
crushing strength
curve of equal field strength
dielectric strength
diffraction field strength
diode field-strength meter
disruptive strength
dynamic strength
effective field strength
effective habit strength
ego strength
ego strength scale
electric strength
electrical strength
equal-field strength locus
extreme weakness and loss of strength
fatigue strength
field strength
field-strength calculation
field-strength measurement
field-strength meter
field-strength pattern
field strength recorder
fighting strength
frictional strength
gain new strength
gain strength
gather one's strength
gather strength
give me strength
give strength
give strength to
go from strength to strength
grip and pinch strength
ground-wave field strength
habit strength
have physical strength
have the strength to
high temperature strength
impact strength
inner strength
instant field strength
instrument for measuring muscular strength
insulating strength
ion strength effect
ionic strength
lack of strength
lateral-wave field strength
leading from strength
lose strength
lose strength in
loss of strength
mean labor strength
mean labour strength
median signal strength
minimum field strength
minimum usable field strength
moral strength
muscular strength
muster strength
naval strength
near-distance field strength
night-time field strength
nominal field strength
nominal usable field strength
normalized on-axis field strength
of unequal strength
on the strength
on the strength of
peak field strength
penetration strength
physical strength
protected field strength
rate of attenuation of field strength
received field strength
recover one's strength
regain one's strength
relative field strength
reproductive strength
response strength
RF field strength
RF field-strength meter
seasonal variation of field strength
shear strength
shearing strength
show of strength
show one's strength
show strength
signal strength
signal strength meter
sky-wave field strength
soil shear strength
soil strength
specific field strength
statistical field strength distribution
tape strength
tensile strength
the strength
torsion strength
torsional strength
tower of strength
transverse strength
trial of strength
ultimate strength
unabsorbed field strength
union is strength
unwanted field strength
up to full strength
we cannot be burdened beyond our own strength
wet strength
wind strength
with all one's strength
with fresh strength
with great strength
with renewed strength
with strength
without strength
wood strength
yield strength
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