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straight  Noun
Plural: straights
  1. Translate "straight" to Spanish: línea recta
    English Synonyms of "straight": straight line, air line, right line
    Define meaning of "straight": A straight segment of a roadway or racecourse.

  2. Translate "straight" to Spanish: persona heterosexual
    English Synonyms of "straight": heterosexual person, breeder

straight  Adjective
  1. Translate "straight" to Spanish: derecho, enhiesto, recto
    English Synonyms of "straight": upright, raised, erect, standing, rigid
    Define meaning of "straight": Erect in posture. ; No longer coiled.
  2. Behind him sat old man Arthur; he was straight with something angry in his attitude.
    Stood defiantly with unbowed back.

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  3. Translate "straight" to Spanish: recto, justo, rectilíneo
    English Synonyms of "straight": fair, just, fair-minded, honest, impartial, law-abiding, righteous, upright
    Define meaning of "straight": Right; in keeping with the facts. ; Following a correct or logical method. ; Reliable in matters of fact. ; Characterized by honesty and fairness. ; Honest and morally upright.
  4. Set the record straight.
    Made sure the facts were straight in the report.
    Straight reasoning.
    He was always straight with me.
    A square deal.
    Wanted to do the square thing.
    I just want a straight answer to the question.
    Straight dealing.

  5. Translate "straight" to Spanish: convencional, tradicional
    English Synonyms of "straight": traditional, conformist, conventional, formalist, formalistic, orthodox, square
    Define meaning of "straight": Rigidly conventional or old-fashioned.

  6. Translate "straight" to Spanish: lacio
    Define meaning of "straight": Having no waves or curls.
  7. Her naturally straight hair hung long and silky.

  8. Translate "straight" to Spanish: rectilíneo, directo
    English Synonyms of "straight": direct, rectilineal, rectilinear, straight-line, straight-lined, undeviating
    Define meaning of "straight": Having no deviations. ; Without curves. ; No longer coiled.
  9. Straight lines.
    Straight roads across the desert.
    Straight teeth.
    Straight shoulders.

  10. Translate "straight" to Spanish: heterosexual, buga
    English Synonyms of "straight": heterosexual, hetero, right-handed
    Define meaning of "straight": Not homosexual.

  11. Translate "straight" to Spanish: no diluido
    English Synonyms of "straight": pure, undiluted, short

straight  Adverb
  1. Translate "straight" to Spanish: directamente, derecho, derechamente, en línea recta, en vía directa, de hilo, directito
    English Synonyms of "straight": directly, right, at firsthand, direct, straightway, straight ahead, straightaway
    Define meaning of "straight": Without deviation. ; In a straight line; in a direct course.
  2. The path leads directly to the lake.
    Went direct to the office.
    The road runs straight.

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  3. Translate "straight" to Spanish: francamente, sinceramente, expresamente
    English Synonyms of "straight": frankly, openly, sincerely, baldly, candidly, foursquare, plain
    Define meaning of "straight": In a forthright manner; candidly or frankly.
  4. He didn't answer directly.
    Told me straight out.
    Came out flat for less work and more pay.

Conceptually-related expressions of "straight"
a straight tip
be heading straight
be heading straight to
be heading straight towards
be straight
characteristic of having straight hair
continue straight ahead
curve traced by a fixed point on a circle as the circle rolls along a straight line
damn straight
dead straight
distal straight tubule
distance in a straight line
drink of straight liquor
drive straight home
get one or two things straight
get straight
get things straight
get this straight
go straight
go straight ahead
go straight home
go straight on
go straight through
go straight to
go straight toward
go straight towards
go straight up
going up the straight
have a straight eye
have one's facts straight
home straight
in a straight line
in straight constrast
in the straight lane
keep a straight face
keep straight
keep straight on
lead a straight life
let me get it straight
let me get this straight
let's get the facts straight
let's keep the books straight
live straight
make straight to
mark out in straight lines
neutral axis of straight beam
now let me get this straight
pass straight through
perfectly straight
play it straight
play straight
plead straight up
polygon with a thousand vertices and a thousand straight edges
proximal straight tubule
put in straight order
put straight
put straight through
put things straight
ride straight
set everything straight
set it straight
set straight
set things straight
set up straight
shoot straight
sit straight
sit up straight
slender and straight
stand straight
stand up straight
tendency to grow in a straight line
think straight
walk straight
walk with the feet turned away from the straight direction
which has straight hair
which tends to grow in a straight line
with straight hair
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