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statement  Noun
Plural: statements
  1. Translate "statement" to Spanish: declaración, afirmación, alegato, aseveración, enunciación, intervención, manifestación, proclama, aserto, atestación, declaratoria, predicado, profesión, relevamiento
    English Synonyms of "statement": declaration, annunciation, proclamation, pronouncement, profession, promulgation, return
    Define meaning of "statement": A message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc. ; A nonverbal message. ; The act of affirming or asserting or stating something.
  2. According to his statement he was in London on that day.
    A Cadillac makes a statement about who you are.
    His tantrums are a statement of his need for attention.

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  3. Translate "statement" to Spanish: balance
    English Synonyms of "statement": balance sheet, financial statement, asset and liability sheet, asset and liability statement, statement of financial condition
    Define meaning of "statement": A record of the financial situation of an institution on a particular date by listing its assets and the claims against those assets.

  4. Translate "statement" to Spanish: estadillo, extracto de cuenta
    English Synonyms of "statement": brief statement, bank statement, abstract of account, accounting note, statement of account
    Define meaning of "statement": A document showing credits and debits.

  5. Translate "statement" to Spanish: instrucción, instrucción escrita en lenguaje de alto nivel
    English Synonyms of "statement": command, computer command, instruction, instruction written in a high-level language, sentence
    Define meaning of "statement": A line of code written as part of a computer program.

Conceptually-related expressions of "statement"
account statement
accounting statement
actions statement
agree with some statement
annual financial statement
annual mortgage statement
annual statement
application of funds statement
asset and liability statement
assignment statement
associate oneself with the statement
average statement
balance per bank statement
balancing statement
bald statement
bank's statement
bank statement
bobtail statement
brief statement
buff statement
business activity statement
cardholder statement
case statement
cash-flow statement
cash statement
certified financial statement
certified statement
claim statement
clearing house statement
clearinghouse statement
closing statement
coarse statement
combined financial statement
combined statement
commission statement
commonplace statement
comparative financial statement
comparative statement
comparative statement approach
conclusory statement
condensed financial statement
condensed statement
conglomerate financial statement
consolidated financial statement
consolidated income statement
consolidated statement
consumer sale disclosure statement
continuation statement
control statement
control statement analyzer
corporate statement
corroborative statement
creditor appointed by court to audit statement
customer account statement
cutoff bank statement
daily cash statement
daily statement
Daily Treasury Statement
deceptive statement
declaration statement
defamatory statement
defendant's unsworn statement
definition statement
descriptive statement
disclosure statement
dogmatic statement
earnings statement
environmental impact statement
environmental statement
erroneous statement
expenses statement
expository statement
false financial statement
false statement
falsified statement
financial statement
financial statement analysis
financial statement audit
financial statement schedule
financing statement
flattering statement
foolish statement
formal statement
funds statement
give a statement disputing
GOTO statement
government statement
group financial statement
heretical statement
if and only if statement
IF statement
if then else statement
illogical or nonsensical statement
impact statement
income and expense statement
income-and-loss statement
income statement
income statement account
income statement ratio
incriminatory statement
interim financial statement
interim statement
introductory statement
inventory statement
investment policy statement
itemized statement
iterative statement
job control statement
liquidation statement
loss statement
make a statement
manufacturing cost statement
manufacturing statement
mischievous statement
mission statement
monthly statement
net worth statement
off-the-record statement
official denial of a published statement
official statement
opening statement
operating statement
paid statement
parent company's income statement
payroll statement
percentage statement
periodic statement
personal financial statement
policy statement
preliminary official statement
preliminary statement
pro forma statement
problem statement analyzer
problem statement language
production statement
profit and loss statement
profit statement
proforma statement
projected financial statement
protocol implementation conformance statement
proxy statement
purpose statement
qualification of a statement
quarterly statement
ratifying statement
realization and liquidation statement
recapitulation statement
reconciliation statement
registration statement
report form of income statement
retained earnings statement
seemingly-contradictory statement
self-contradictory statement
settlement statement
snapshot statement
social impact statement
summary statement
supplemental statement
supplementary statement
supporting statement
surplus statement
sworn statement
tax-purpose statement
tax statement
the previous statement
transactions statement
true statement
unconsolidated financial statement
unconsolidated statement
undetailed statement
unqualified statement
unspecific statement
vague statement
verbal statement
vulgar statement
withholding tax statement
written statement
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